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The Internet’s Latest Cancellation Campaign: #Blockout2024

by ikalmayang

If you’ve been on social media lately, you may have noticed the hashtag #Blockout2024 gaining traction. This is the latest digital movement calling for the cancellation and deplatforming of certain celebrities and influencers.

The reason? Their perceived silence and lack of advocacy around the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

It started after the recent Met Gala event in New York on May 6th. As A-list celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Cardi B and others strutted down the lavish red carpet in designer couture worth tens of thousands of dollars, Israeli military forces were launching attacks on the Palestinian city of Rafah.

Images of Hollywood’s elite reveling in opulence and spectacle were juxtaposed with scenes of bombs raining down on the Gaza Strip, where over 1.3 million Palestinians are caught in the crossfire of escalating violence. This stark contrast proved too much for many social media users to ignore.

“We gave them their platforms. It’s time to take it back – take our views away, our likes, our comments, our money – by blocking them on all social media and digital platforms,” urged TikTok user @ladyfromtheoutside in a viral video.

And thus, the #Blockout2024 movement was born. The campaign calls on people to collectively block celebrities and influencers who have failed to speak out forcefully against the crisis in Gaza or critique Israel’s military actions. The goal is to deplatform them by stripping away their online followings.

Lists of “cancellable” celebrities have begun circulating, with users pledging to unfollow, block, and boycott anyone deemed complicit in their silence. “It’s the same as boycotting Israeli-brand products,” rationalized one Instagram user who blocked her favorite actor for endorsing too many “Zionist” brands.

Whether you agree with the tactics or not, #Blockout2024 taps into a growing sentiment that celebrities and influencers can no longer remain neutral bystanders on important social and political issues. With great online influence comes great responsibility to use those platforms for advocacy.

This movement poses challenges for both celebrities trying to navigate thorny geopolitical conflicts, as well as social media platforms that may face pressure to step in. One thing is clear – in today’s digital landscape, staying silent is no longer an option for the famous and followed.

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