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This Viral Chocolate From Dubai is Guaranteed to Make You Drool!

by ikalmayang

Lately, there have been so many TikTok videos of people eating this decadent chocolate bar.

Fix Chocolate is a chocolate brand hailing from Dubai. Known for its size, decadence and absolutely deliciously crunchy pistachio knafeh-flavoured chocolate bar, it has since made its rounds globally.

Starting off in America, lots of people have created TikTok videos of them taste testing each flavour and boy, do they come in a variety! Among them are:

  • Brownies
  • Knafeh
  • Dream Date
  • Biscoff

And lots more! Only selling in limited batches (and not to mention getting sold out in an instant), these chocolate bars are a hot commodity in the online sphere at the moment.

So what sets these chocolates apart from the usual, run-of-the-mill chocolate bars? Okay, it’s not exactly a fair comparison to begin with. For starters, these chocolates are beautifully created. With splashes of abstract paint coating the outer chocolate shell, they’re also deliciously peppered with golden specks for that extra flair.

Not only that, but according to their social media, their chocolate is sourced and made from high-quality cocoa beans, coupled with generous fillings of exotic ingredients native to the middle east – from ingredients like fresh dates and knafeh to cardamom and saffron-infused tea flavours. Lastly, consider its size: definitely a dessert that’s meant to be shared with friends – and you might want them to chip in to purchase while you’re at it because the prices of one chocolate bar can go up to RM150 depending on its flavours. Yes, you read that right, ladies and gentlemen. RM150 for a chocolate bar.

Recently, however, Malaysia is privileged to have acquired a limited stock of these artful bars, and whether you think these prices are justified – well, it’s personal preference at the end of the day, but given the chance, wouldn’t you also like to sink your teeth in these deliciously sinful works of art?

What do you think? Would YOU try these chocolates?

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