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Unleashing the Off-Road Prowess of the Jaecoo J7 at M4trec

by ikalmayang

JAECOO Malaysia’s maiden premium SUV model, the J7, and its off-road capabilities was recently put to the test at the Malaysia 4WD Training and Experience Centre (M4TREC) in Semenyih. Navigating a grueling circuit featuring six dynamic terrains, drivers and passengers witnessed first-hand the J7’s superior off-road capabilities.

Powering through the complexities of diverse driving conditions

Speaking about the brand’s distinct appeal, JAECOO Malaysia President, Leo Chen, shares, “JAECOO is redefining how drivers enjoy the urban off-road driving experience with sophisticated style, as embodied in the brand’s ethos, “From Classic, Beyond Classic”.  Seeking to set the benchmark as a challenger C segment SUV, the J7 promises superior driving control to navigate various weather and road conditions, as well as terrains.”

“The expectations on SUVs today are higher and more demanding than ever in line with the dynamic driving conditions drivers face today. By showcasing the J7’s best in class capability and durability on tough terrains at M4TREC recently, we’re giving drivers the confidence to be fearless when exploring adventures off the beaten track,” said JAECOO Malaysia Vice President, Emily Lek.

Intelligent drive system 

The J7 incorporates the advanced All-Road Drive Intelligent System (ARDIS) with seven terrain driving modes. Beyond the standard economy, normal, and sports modes, the JAECOO J7 All-Wheel Drive (AWD) variant in particular, has four additional terrain modes to navigate sand, mud, snowfield and offroad terrains. The J7 also has a water wading capacity of 600 mm which excelled in M4TREC’s deep water wading environment, a testament to the model’s unparalleled capability in the face of the toughest driving conditions. 

The SUV’s 540-degree camera served as a significant tool to navigate the M4TREC obstacle course. With dynamic visuals presented on a 14.8-inch infotainment screen (AWD), the camera provided drivers with a three-dimensional (3D) and transparent view of the car’s surroundings at the touch of a button. 

Intuitive driving control

Equipped with a 1.6TGDI engine, the J7 delivers an impressive maximum power of 194 HP and 290Nm of torque. Furthermore, its 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (7-DCT) enables lightning-fast shifting speed at 0.2-seconds, empowering off-road adventurers to power through unpredictable terrains in any weather. 

In addition, AWD torque intervention offers a reaction time as low as 0.1 seconds during challenging conditions.  

JAECOO Malaysia took the J7 through the notably challenging M4TREC course which included the side slope, frame twister, ridge crossing, roller ramp, water wading environments.


M4TREC TerrainJAECOO J7 Features Highlighted
1Roller RampTo demonstrate how quickly the AWD system distributes the torque across four wheels while maintaining stability. JAECOO J7’s Intelligent AWD system features up to 0.1 second AWD intervention. 
In addition, it demonstrates the effectiveness of vehicle’s traction control, working in conjunction with the AWD system to ensure the precise level of torque needed on each wheel to get the vehicle moving under slippery condition.
2Frame TwisterTo demonstrate vehicle structural stiffness and integrity. Excessive flexing and creating noise may indicate potential weakness.  All JAECOO J7 variants feature over 80% high strength steel which surpasses the level of major luxury brands. High stiffness makes driving safer and reassuring. 
In fact, the doors open and close smoothly when the vehicle is articulated. 
Stability Control – Demonstration also shows the SUV’s AWD system intervention in conjunction with the stability system. Torque transfers from the lifted wheel (where it’s not needed) to the remaining 3 wheels.
3Slide SlopeTo demonstrate the J7’s ability to maintain stability when driving on tilted surface. This helps to determine if the vehicle feels secure and composed or if dangerous tipping may occur.
Driving on a side slope provides challenge to the J7’s traction control system. 
For example, the AWD system takes 0.1 second to intervene precise torque distribution.
Wheel-braking controls wheel spins to prevent slippage.
The J7’s stability system intervenes by selectively applying brakes or throttle level to prevent low speed oversteer or understeer.
Hill descent control may be activated to allow stable downhill transition.
Apart from that the driver can customize the terrain settings via 7 levels of terrain modes.
4Water WadingHigh ground clearance of 200mm paired with 19-inch alloy wheels enables the J7 to effortlessly navigate through tough landscapes and up to 600mm of water with ease
5Ridge CrossingThe J7 with its 21-degree approach angle and 29-degree departure angle ensures the vehicle can navigate whilst ensuring its rear end clears obstacles without any contact.
This feature is vital for off-road vehicles whilst enabling them to traverse steep inclines and rugged terrain without risking damage to the vehicle’s rear bumper or undercarriage. 
6Deep Water WadingWading depth of 600mm indicates its capability to traverse water obstacles or fording of up to 600mm in depth without compromising performance or damaging any of the vehicle’s components. 
This feature is crucial for off-road vehicles ensuring navigation through various terrain types, including shallow water crossings with confidence and reliability. 

For more details visit www.jaecoo.com.my and JAECOO Malaysia social platforms.

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