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Zalora Celebrates Sustainability Milestones for Earth Day 2024

by ikalmayang

ZALORA, Asia’s leading fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform and part of Global Fashion Group (GFG),is proud to announce its sustainability achievements for the year 2023 as reported in GFG’s People and Planet Positive Report, in honor of this year’s Earth Day. 

Amidst a growing global emphasis on sustainable practices within the fashion industry, ZALORA is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and fostering positive changes, and has implemented a range of initiatives as well as strategic partnerships across its operations to promote sustainability and lower impact. 

Lowering GHG Emissions: 

In 2023, ZALORA made substantial strides in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). By implementing sustainable delivery solutions, ZALORA achieved its Lower Emission delivery targets of more than 3% across its markets. Key highlights include: 

  • In Indonesia, ZALORA partnered with SiCepat and Blitz to launch electric motorcycle deliveries, reducing emissions and promoting eco-friendly transportation. Additionally, ZALORA expanded same-day deliveries with Westbike, enhancing delivery efficiency while reducing environmental impact. 
  • In Singapore, hybrid vehicles now handle 10% of all deliveries, contributing to a decrease in emissions and promoting energy-efficient transportation. 
  • In Kuala Lumpur, ZALORA successfully piloted bicycle deliveries with Velo Express, further reducing carbon emissions and supporting sustainable mobility. 
  • In Hong Kong, ZALORA introduced walking deliveries. 

Sustainable Assortment Strategy: 

By prioritizing partnerships with value chain partners committed to upholding environmental standards, ZALORA has successfully expanded its sustainable assortment and increased customer awareness through brand engagement. This approach resulted in a notable increase in the sustainable Net Merchandise Value (NMV) which reached 11% in 2023. This growth was accompanied by a shift in engagement priority to collaborating with local brands, including workshops with Sunway university in Malaysia. 

Energy Footprint: 

ZALORA reduced its total non-renewable energy consumption in SEA by 12% compared to the baseline year 2021, reflecting the company’s dedication to minimizing its energy footprint and promoting renewable sources.

Sustainable Packaging: 

ZALORA continues to advance sustainable packaging initiatives. This includes launching mailer bags made from at least 95% recycled material sourced locally in Malaysia, and exploring new luxury goods packaging made from responsibly sourced paper. Efforts also extended to investigating automated solutions for package weight reductions. 

Circularity Solutions: 

ZALORA expanded its collaboration with Malaysia’s Salvation Army which saw over 14,000 pieces collected. Additional partnerships with local entities for take-back solutions such as Life Line Clothing in Singapore and House of Cuffs in Indonesia, greatly enhance circularity efforts. These collaborations are instrumental in fostering a culture of reuse and recycling within the fashion industry, contributing to a more sustainable future. 

Community Impact: 

ZALORA’s commitment to positive change extends beyond business, empowering employees to drive impact in their communities. ZALORA organized 18 activities across six countries, resulting in significant contributions such as the removal of over six tonnes of apparel from landfills, collection of 460 kilos of trash from neighborhoods, rivers, and coastal areas, as well as donation of 2.5 tonnes of food for those in need. 

Arvind Devadasan, Head of Sustainability at ZALORA Group said: “ZALORA is proud to mark Earth Day with the announcement of our significant sustainability milestones achieved in 2023. These accomplishments underscore our unwavering commitment to driving positive change within the fashion industry, as Asia’s leading fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform. Through collaborative efforts and innovative initiatives, we are not only reducing our environmental footprint but also inspiring meaningful action towards a more sustainable future. At ZALORA, sustainability isn’t just a goal; it’s a fundamental part of who we are and what we stand for.” 

In Alignment with GFG 2030 People & Planet Positive (“PPP”) Strategy 

ZALORA’s sustainability initiatives are part of GFG’s 2030 sustainable strategy, which is operationalised through three strategic pillars: (a) Climate Action, (b) Circularity & Conscious Consumption, and (c) Fair & Ethical Sourcing. The recent publication of GFG’s PPP Report emphasizes the Group’s dedication to implementing this strategy, showcasing the achievements made in 2023. Alongside sustainability initiatives, the report also underscores GFG’s commitments and targets across other strategic priorities, namely Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging, fostering a Responsible Workplace, and being a Responsible Business. To learn more about GFG’s sustainability strategy and the full list of targets, as well as access the complete 2023 People & Planet Positive report, visit https://global-fashion-group.com/sustainability/.

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