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Continental Tyres Launches High Performance Sporty Tyre Tailored for Asia Pacific Drivers

by ikalmayang

Continental Tyres unveils the MaxContact MC7 tyre, the sporty, high-performance tyre designed for urban landscapes and tailored to fulfill the needs of Asia Pacific (APAC) drivers. The new product delivers the uplifting driving performance that elevates everyday driving to the next level​ with the maximum control through precise steering and dynamic handling. 

“Developed and tested by a team of 25 engineers and material experts through more than 8,000 hours in R&D, we engineered a high-performance sporty tyre that meets the unique needs of the drivers who seek the thrill from their everyday driving,” said Mr. Tolga Mutlu, Head of Product Management, Continental Replacement Tyres APAC, “the new MaxContact MC7 offers just that.”

Maximum in Control Leads to Maximum Thrill of Driving

The new MaxContact MC7 provides more refined handling and exceptional stability for drivers when making sharper turns even at a higher speed and around corners, due to the optimisation of pressure distribution within the tyre. MC7 achieves this by maximizing the contact area with the road to create a wider footprint with the Cornering Macroblocks, thus redistributing force for a more controlled and stable drive. Its ReFlex Compound also creates a higher resistance to tyre deformation and leads to improved steering response and accuracy. 

New Silica Technology Assures a Stable and Safe Drive 

Designed to ensure safety even during the frequent wet weather seasons in APAC, including Malaysia, the new MaxContact MC7 provides enhanced grip as well as shorter braking distance to ensure a stable and safe drive. The 3D Laser-cut Sipes improves grip and braking in wet and rainy conditions, reducing the risk of aquaplaning by quickly expelling water that flows through the tyre grooves. Its silica technology within the ReFlex compound enhances the transfer of kinetic energy to heat when braking, leading to shorter braking distances on both dry and wet roads.

A Quieter Drive with an Upgraded Noise Breaker

The upgraded Two-in-1 Noise Breaker 3.0 breaks up sound waves, preventing noise from building up and traveling into the car cabin, providing a quieter drive that is preferred by the sporty city driver. Even while driving a sports car, MaxContact MC7 drivers can enjoy a quieter drive.

“The MaxContact MC7 is the latest addition in Continental’s line-up of Gen7 products, which represent the latest generation of our tyre technologies developed specifically for APAC drivers. We are confident that it showcases our advanced R&D capabilities to deliver best-in-class performance for remarkable driving experiences in the everyday.” Mr. Tolga Mutlu concluded.

The new MaxContact MC7 tyre offers sizes ranging from 16” to 21” and is available for purchase across APAC markets from Q1 of 2024 (* timing of stock availability varies by individual market).

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