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Hop On The Bandwagon, Maxim Design ’AI’ Technology

by ikalmayang

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a simulation technology evolution, and design of pictures is a big part of this evolution. It’s a combination of human and technology that helps efficiently create content by improving speed, reality and data management.

To join the current trend of AI, Maxim E-hailing came out with an exclusive AI design that represents the company’s services, with a cute boy being one of its Partner-drivers. Several other services are reflected through the pictures which gives an idea about the services that the company provides. 

The design concept is to deliver emotions, enthusiasm, and reality into a picture. AI helps people grasp the idea through pictures. Maxim E-hailing created the AI pictures of a cute boy to draw the attention of its users by depicting a cute little boy as its Partner-driver who is enjoying providing variety of services to the users.

This is not only images or pictures; the AI powered images reflect the services that are provided by the Partner-drivers on a daily basis. Be it passenger transportation services, cargo services for big and large goods or items, laundry services, delivery of food or small parcels, or car towing. All services are readily available in the application that is enjoyed by millions of users.


Supporting friend on his first day of working as Partner-driver. #supportmember


Part-time laundry to buy more toys


10 tan? No worries, Maxim got your back 

Your delivery items, safe with me! Especially ice-cream and candy

Baby blue, daddy needs our help for towing

AI is the next go-to technology which is evolving and developing every day. Maxim E-hailing creating these AI powered pictures has joined the bandwagon of AI. This innovative idea of Maxim E-hailing creating these pictures to connect with all its users and to send a message to them about all the services that the company provides is surely a bright innovative impression on its millions of users.   

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