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TGV Cinemas Elevates The Movie-Going Experience At The New TGV Pavilion Bukit Jalil

by ikalmayang

TGV Cinemas celebrates the launch of their newest location, TGV Pavilion Bukit Jalil, with a more innovative, energetic and engaging environment to enhance the movie-going experience. Featuring a wide selection of 16 halls and a total of 1,555 seats, every hall is equipped with 100% digital screen projection, plush recliner seats, and spacious legroom for the optimum comfort. Designed with families in mind, TGV Cinemas has partnered with Mattel South Asia to feature the largest “City of Play” at TGV Pavilion Bukit Jalil,   spanning 2,041 square feet. The new TGV location is also the first cinema in Malaysia to feature IMAX with Laser Systems and 12-Channel Sound Technology, that provides movie-goers a fully immersive and multidimensional realistic sound with brighter, more lifelike images that have deeper contrasts in colour. 

TGV Pavilion Bukit Jalil showcases an unparalleled multisensory audiovisual foyer, complete with a captivating floor-to-ceiling LED screen featuring dynamic, movie-related content. Movie-goers are welcome to unwind and socialise at the specially designed movie-themed relaxation areas while enjoying the complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi available throughout the cinema. The new TGV location also has 3 Indulge halls exclusively tailored for a premium movie-going experience and 2 Beanie halls, where movie-goers can watch movies in beanbag pods. 

Tan Lay Han, the CEO of TGV Cinemas, said “TGV Cinemas is committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of cinematic innovation and delivering unparalleled movie-going experiences. Our goal is to make our cinemas a place where you want to bring your friends, family, and loved ones to spend time with. We warmly invite everyone to be a part of this celebration and experience our new halls firsthand.”

Catch Marvel Studios’ The Marvels in IMAX starting from 9 November 2023 for a cinematic adventure like no other at TGV Pavilion Bukit Jalil today!

For more information, visit tgv.com.my .

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