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Lee Seung GI Captivates the Hearts of Malaysian Fans During Live Fan Meet Session

by ikalmayang

ONE, Asia’s premier destination for Korean entertainment, and Malaysia’s leading content and entertainment giant, Astro, successfully concluded an unforgettable live fan meet event at MyTOWN Shopping Centre. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and anticipation as fans gathered to meet their beloved South Korean superstar, Lee Seung Gi. With a full house of enthusiastic fans in Malaysia packing all four levels of MyTOWN, the venue reverberated with their shared joy and enthusiasm as fans and the general public came together and were captivated by the charm and appeal of Lee Seung Gi. 

The whole mall was rocked with screams from adoring fans the moment Lee Seung Gi stepped up onstage, as he surprised fans with some friendly greetings in Bahasa Melayu, adding his love for Malaysia, and one of his favorite places to tour in Asia. The heart of this memorable fan meet also included interactive games that allowed fans to engage with Lee Seung Gi on a personal level, where selected superfans acted out prompts for Lee Seung Gi to guess, creating fun interactions. Another activity involved a numbers game where Lee Seung Gi picked a number, and fans had a chance to win signed polaroids by matching or coming closest to his chosen number. This experience truly brought fans closer to the “Triple Threat” entertainer, showcasing the dedication of both ONE and Astro in creating meaningful fan interactions.

Adding to the excitement of the evening was an electrifying song performance by Lee Seung Gi himself. His undeniable talent as a singer was on full display, as he serenaded the audience with his captivating vocals. The performance left everyone in awe, and the cheers and applause filled the air as Lee Seung Gi showcased his musical prowess. It was a magical moment that can only be experienced in a live fan meet, and served as a perfect culmination of an evening that will be cherished by all who attended. 

The success of the fan meet event in Malaysia reflects Lee Seung Gi’s enduring popularity of ONE commitment to providing outstanding entertainment experiences. Fans who missed the event at MyTOWN can still enjoy Lee Seung Gi’s presence through the K-drama “The King 2 Hearts,” airing on ONE channel on Astro (CH 393) and Unifi TV (Ch 461) starting 2 November 2023, every Thursday and Friday, at 7.50pm. This drama depicts the love story between a South Korean prince, Lee Jae-ha, and a North Korean special agent, Kim Hang-ah, navigating challenges stemming from political tensions, familial disapproval, and the machinations of a North Korean general attempting to overthrow the South Korean government. 

Additionally, Lee Seung Gi stars in the South Korean reality show “Golf Battle: Birdie Buddies,” airing on 11 November 2023, every Saturday at 6.30 pm. In this show, three celebrity hosts are divided into teams for golf matches, and the winning team receives rewards, while the losing team faces humorous penalties. Viewers can expect entertainment from the hosts’ antics and sense of humor.

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