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Paloh Restaurant & Bar: Preserving the Taste of Malaysia for Discerning Food Travellers to Langkawi

by ikalmayang

 A unique dining destination by the Temple Tree Resort Langkawi showcasing a rich Malaysian culinary heritage

Staying true to the philosophy of heritage living to create a lasting and memorable travel experience, Temple Tree Resort’s approach to delivering local authentic cuisine has made it a preferred dining destination among visitors to the tropical island of Langkawi. The resort offers savvy food travellers the opportunity to discover unique culinary adventures in a rustic Malaysian kampung (village) setting where the pace is unhurried, allowing guests to develop a deep sense of appreciation towards the myriad of local flavours and aroma of each dish. 

Continuing the legacy of serving nostalgia on a plate is the new Paloh Restaurant & Bar (previously known as the Temple Tree Bar & Restaurant), aptly named after Perak’s state capital which was fondly known as “Pa-Lo” and located inside the lovingly restored 100-year-old Ipoh House. According to some local folks, the origin of this name is believed to be in reference to the dams that were constructed along the Kinta River in Perak for fishing, known as “Pa-Lo” in Cantonese dialect. Standing proudly with its classic features at the entrance of the resort grounds and in the shadow of the famous tree from which the resort takes its name, every bite at Paloh Restaurant & Bar presents a melange of flavours that depicts the multi-culturalism of Malaysia. 

Open all day for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner, the new and exciting menus promise to satisfy the most curious of palate and even pacify the fussiest diners. The island dining experience is elevated by the rustic charm of its interior with beautiful wooden ceiling beams and contemporary touches of striking white windows and warm green walls. The whole restaurant takes a different look as the sun sets where visitors can bask in the glow of gold during this magic hour, taking in the stunning views of the resort’s serene and lush surroundings with a beverage of choice in hand. Paloh Restaurant & Bar is the ideal spot on the island for any meal of the day, be it for a romantic occasion, business entertainment or simply a fun gathering with family and friends with evening drinks to unwind.

The Heart of Heritage Cuisine 

With Malaysia as undoubtedly a food lover’s paradise, the resort’s Paloh Restaurant & Bar aims to invite food travellers to embark on a local culinary journey to the past with signature dishes and diverse flavours inspired by the heritage houses of Malaysia such as Asam Pedas (braised Andaman sea bass in tamarind gravy) from Johor, Nyonya Laksa (yellow noodles in signature spicy coconut milk soup) from Melaka, Daging Salai Cili Api (tender grilled beef strips in spicy creamy turmeric sauce) from Negeri Sembilan, and Char Kuey Teow (flat rice noodles with calamari and shrimp) from Penang. The a la carte menu pays homage to the rich culinary history of Old Ipoh that it is named after, with a showcase of local favourites such as Ipoh Hor Fun (a tangy prawns and chicken broth with flat white rice noodles and shredded chicken) and Ipoh Fish Head Curry (fish curry, Basmati steamed rice and condiments).

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Fresh New Flavours & Familiar Favourites 

Paloh Restaurant & Bar, as an all-day dining concept, is now offering a refreshed and wholesome menu selection to cater to all taste buds showcasing popular Malaysian and Mediterranean dishes inspired by the island and resort setting, using locally grown and sourced ingredients from fresh seafood to homegrown herbs and spices.

The dishes on the new dinner menu highlight a variety of selection such as the classic Malaysian favourite Ox-tail soup with mixed herbs and spices, Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad, hearty mains such as the Grain-fed Brazilian rib eye steak (250g grilled grass-fed beef rib eye served with steak fries, corn on the cob and seasonal vegetables)), Grilled Tiger Prawns with mixed salad, papaya pickles, grilled lemon and roasted garlic, choice of pasta such as the Salmon Pasta (grilled salmon, mixed aromatic herb paste), and decadent desserts featuring the famous Pisang Goreng (deep fried banana served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce)

From Savoury Delights to Sunset Sips

The open-air design of Paloh Restaurant & Bar seamlessly transitions from day to night, making it a vibrant yet relaxing venue to unwind or to enjoy a night cap. From Monday music nights to every day’s Happy Hour offerings, soak in the cool and trendy island vibes while enjoying their extensive beverage menu, and mouthwatering snacks and bites. Temple Tree Resort Langkawi has also introduced homemade pizzas baked to perfection within 2 minutes via a high heat pizza oven. Their 12” pizzas are made fresh using a combination of imported cheese and local ingredients such as the locally produced buffalo mozzarella and a must try is the Satay Pizza (chicken skewers, homemade peanut sauce, sliced red onion and mozzarella cheese). 

A Tropical Culinary Gem for All 

From a leisurely start to the day with the resort’s unique Floating Breakfast served in the pool, a highly-sought after alfresco dining concept of Dining Under the Stars perfect for that special occasion, to the popular High Tea that can be enjoyed from any location within the resort’s grounds, the resort aims to win its guests’ hearts with unforgettable dining experiences and bring joy to every meal during their stay at Temple Tree Resort Langkawi. 

To book a table or for more information, call +6017 599 5935 or email: enquiries@templetree.com.my

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