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Working Holiday: A Gradually Rising Trend

by 2cents worth

If you want to have a long travel, but have limited time and budget, a “Working Holiday” is a good opportunity for you to explore your mind! “Working Holiday” is a special program that offers citizens to work overseas temporarily. People can earn their living during working days, and travel during the weekend or holidays.. Usually, this program offers job opportunities in the field of agriculture, industrial assembly line, and service industry. The purpose of this program is to offer citizens the experience of another country’s culture, learn about new skills and enhance the relationship between the two countries. 


“Working Holiday” is a chance for citizens to have a short escape from the existing living environment. People can redefine their future life plans in a different country to shake off their doubts. After the experience, some of the participants will choose to stay there for a long-term period. However, continuously working a job outside of your original field might rust your expertise.

In addition to the benefits, you can learn some new skills when you travel. For example, you will know the process of the farming system and the industry system. It can open your mind to absorb different fields of knowledge.

Malaysia offers nationals a “working holiday” visa program in Australia which is a wonderful place. People can experience the culture of Australia when traveling. However,it requires you to abide by all rules and regulations. 

As long as you have sufficient funds and a valid passport, then you can try to apply. If you are interested, you can visit https://www.imi.gov.my/index.php/en/main-services/special-programme/ to get more information and view the application process. 

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