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The Werther Effect: People will copy celebrities to end their life.

by 2cents worth

Recently, a Hong Kong superstar named Coco passed away after taking her own life. This bad news shocked the whole world. Coco was suffering from depression for a long time. On 5 July 2023, she decided to end her pain. Many people felt sad they had lost her and her angelic voice. However, the actions of celebrities will directly influence the public. Even in suicide, people will also copy them.

Sometimes, people who have depression will want to end their life, but they are scared about the consequences. But after the celebrity suicide news was exposed in the media, there will be more inclined to end their life.  The ‘Copycat Suicide’, also called ‘The Werther Effect’ is a psychological assumption that stems from ‘The Sorrows of Young Werther’. This research found that every time a high-influencer suicide is reported, the suicide rate in the area covered by the report will rise sharply in a short period of time. The influence power is like the flu that will indirectly increase the number of people.

While celebrities view suicides as a last resort, and they experience more stress than the average person, this behavior does have a negative impact on people. Let’s give an example: Hong Kong famous artist Leslie Cheung ended his life on 1st April 2003. Because of this, the percentage of suicide increased by 32% compared to March 2003 in Hong Kong after the suicide news of Leslie Cheung was exposed in the media. 

I hope that people may look into the news of celebrity suicides rationally and maintain respect and condolences. Just because a celebrity has committed suicide, doesn’t mean you should too. If you have any mental problems or are under pressure, please consider meeting a counselor to solve the problem or even get some advice, at least there is someone available to listen to you.

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