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TikTok Shop Elevates Local Businesses to Go Further at First-Ever Malaysian Summit

by ikalmayang
  • TikTok Shop reiterated its support for its sellers, brands, and creators by announcing the provision of 100 times more subsidies through Shop Tab, LIVE Policy, and Campaign Programs in Q4 2023 
  • The summit saw a convergence of businesses in a celebration of milestones, achievements, and sharing success stories on the platform

TikTok Shop is furthering its commitment to building the nation’s economy by providing 100 times more subsidies in support of its sellers, brands, and creators on its platform. This announcement was made at its first-ever summit to celebrate and empower its sellers, creators, and brands who have chosen to share their products – and creativity – on TikTok Shop. 

Held at Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, the one-day summit was an acknowledgment of TikTok Shop’s mark in the e-commerce space since 2022, subsequently leading to a new wave of shopping to develop the growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to boost the nation’s economic standing. TikTok Shop has been instrumental in providing entrepreneurs, particularly local businesses, the opportunity to carve out a digital presence and express their creativity in marketing their products through Shoppertainment.  

TikTok Shop will be providing brands, creators, and sellers with more subsidies

With the announcement, TikTok Shop is looking forward to welcoming more entrepreneurs to start their e-commerce journey with the platform. This includes a series of marketing and promotional support for sellers in Q4 2023, such as:

  • Shop Tab – From October to December 2023, TikTok Shop is providing sellers with product subsidies as well as a 0% commission subsidy for completed purchases via the Shop Tab. Currently, the Shop Tab allows businesses to share their product recommendations via product listings and shoppable content. Sellers will be eligible for the  0% commission subsidy in the event that shoppers enter the Shop Tab and purchase items from them via the channel. 
  • LIVE Policy – To encourage more sellers to carry out LIVE sessions to promote their products, TikTok Shop is providing them with vouchers to be given out to their audiences who tune into their LIVE selling sessions. 
  • Campaign Programs – Through a variety of campaigns held throughout the year, TikTok Shop will be providing vouchers, product subsidies, and traffic pushes for sellers and brands on the platform.

Wilson Leong, FMCG Category Director, Malaysia, TikTok Shop, shares, “The TikTok Shop Summit is a culmination of all the hard work that our sellers and creators have put into carving out a living while building a name for themselves on TikTok Shop, especially in this new wave of shopping that brings together commerce, creativity, and content. It is incredibly heartening to hear testimonies from sellers who have grown their business with TikTok Shop and are thus able to also positively impact others through their involvement with our platform. We hope to see more businesses achieve such success on TikTok Shop.” 

Winning hearts and carts

During the summit, attendees tuned in to various engaging panel sessions that discussed shifts in buyer behavior and media consumption, as well as strategies to make the most out of the Shoppertainment Wave. Creators such as Khairul Aming and Dearcarynn, and brands such as Maybelline Malaysia, Farm Fresh, Skintific Malaysia and Alha Alfa lent their voices to sessions that explored the importance of content creation in Shoppertainment, while TikTok Shop introduced the best ways to optimize the TikTok Shop Tab and TikTok Shop Affiliate Programmes. 

Gary Ng from Zucca and creator DearCarynn shared their thoughts during their panel discussion

A series of TikTok Shop Award recognitions, including Best Performing Brand, Rising Star, and Inspirational Icon, were awarded to deserving creators who displayed outstanding achievements in the past year.

Winners of the Best Performing Brand Award, FMCG Category

Khairul Aming, winner of the Inspirational Icon Award for his exceptional success with his homegrown brand, Sambal Nyet, shared his experience on the platform and elaborated on how he was able to utilize the platform to create a more engaging experience for his audience.

Khairul Aming from KhairulAmingBrand, receiving the Inspirational Icon Award

“At this moment there is no other platform that brings the worlds of both entertainment and commerce like TikTok Shop – it has given me a new perspective on the importance of creativity to stand out in a crowded marketplace. I would encourage those who are thinking of taking that first step into the world of e-commerce to come onboard the Shoppertainment train and try their hand at creating and selling on TikTok Shop – the possibilities are endless as long as you are willing to take the first step,” he shared.

Over the past year, TikTok Shop has been focused on creating a sustainable, supportive, and thriving business community by building a comprehensive and seamless e-commerce system on the platform. Through a series of solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes coupled with ongoing training programs to equip sellers with the necessary know-how to navigate the e-commerce sphere, TikTok Shop is able to provide end-to-end support for these sellers so they can truly reach their highest potential. 
For more information about TikTok Shop, or to find out how to become a seller, visit the TikTok Shop Seller Centre here.

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