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More Ways to Earn Cashback for Malaysian Shoppers –ShopBack Rewards Consumers with new ShopBack Pay and PayLater Services

by ikalmayang

Consumers can enjoy a more rewarding shopping experience by earning CashBack when paying with ShopBack both online and in-store

ShopBack reimagines the in-store shopping experience by offering payment solutions integrated with rewards. Consumers can now choose to pay in full or in three (3) interest-free monthly installments.

ShopBack, Asia-Pacific’s leading shopping and rewards platform, reinvents the shopping experience by introducing more ways for consumers to earn Cashback. ShopBack’s cashback proposition is now available in-store via ShopBack’s payment solutions – PayLater and the new pay in full services. More than five million ShopBack users who previously could only earn Cashback online, can also earn Cashback when they shop in-store at participating merchants.

ShopBack launched its PayLater services in August last year, a Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) solution that allows users to split their payments into three interest-free monthly installments. Today, this service is enhanced with Cashback and other rewards together with a pay in full option, making the shopping experience even more rewarding and convenient. The new payment option allows shoppers to pay in-store using their preferred payment method while earning Cashback and rewards as they pay.

This launch is also part of the celebrations marking ShopBack’s eighth year since it established its presence in Malaysia. ShopBack Pay now allows shoppers to enjoy a seamless and rewarding shopping experience all within the convenience of the ShopBack app. This includes exploring various brands, accessing exciting deals and vouchers and even using accumulated Cashback to partially or fully pay for shopping purchases.

With over five million users, ShopBack is the leading discovery and cashback platform in Malaysia and the preferred marketing partner for over 10,000 online and offline retailers and brands across fashion, sports, health and beauty, travel, home and lifestyle. Through ShopBack Pay or PayLater, shoppers can tap into ShopBack’s extensive network of merchants to shop and earn at their favourite brands such as Christy Ng, Jovian, JD Sports, Agoda, Puma, Bata, Marks & Spencer, Jakel and more.

“Cashback has always been the unique proposition of ShopBack – to date, Malaysian users have earned more than RM200 million worth of Cashback with ShopBack. We want to continue to deliver on this by allowing consumers to also earn Cashback when they shop in-store. They can now choose to pay in full or split their payments into monthly installments, and earn rewards when they pay with ShopBack at participating merchants. By doing so, we aim to deliver even greater value and accessibility for both shoppers and partnering merchants.

“This milestone comes at an opportune moment, aligning with our mission to make ShopBack the most rewarding way to shop. ShopBack aims to be the go-to solution for demand generation and conversion for merchants, as well as for our shoppers to leverage our network of partners to stretch their dollar amidst rising costs and inflationary pressures,” said Mr. Eddy Han, General Manager of ShopBack Malaysia.

Elevating the Shopping Experience

With the introduction of in-store rewards through ShopBack Pay and PayLater, shoppers can now enjoy a truly rewarding shopping experience from start to end all within the ShopBack app. Apart from gaining access to an extensive range of brands and exclusive deals, shoppers can now look forward to seamless in-store payments, making their shopping journey more convenient than ever.

Consumers can now pay with ShopBack at more than 2,000 brands both online and in-store

and enjoy benefits such as:

  • Convenience at Your Fingertips – ShopBack Pay or PayLater provides a user-friendly experience by allowing shoppers to choose their preferred payment method within the app, eliminating the need to top up an additional e-wallet
  • Amplified Savings – Shoppers can supercharge their savings when they pay with  ShopBack as they can earn Cashback in addition to the rewards from their preferred payment methods such as credit card rewards.
  • Flexible Cashback – In addition to being able to withdraw the Cashback, ShopBack enables shoppers to utilise earned cashback from online or in-store partners to offset purchases at participating in-store merchants or to purchase vouchers.
  • Access to brands online and offline  – Shoppers can shop at a wide array of their favourite brands such as Agoda, Royal Sporting House, Puma, Tudung People, Bata and more. Shoppers can now indulge in a delightful and rewarding shopping experience every time they use ShopBack.

“At ShopBack, our commitment is to consistently enhance the shopping experience for both our merchants and shoppers. By introducing a range of innovative and rewarding shopping features, we anticipate ShopBack Pay and PayLater services to become a key offering in our product pipeline, contributing significantly to our mission of a rewarding shopping journey,” added Mr. Han.

Empowering Merchants with Seamless Digital Payments and Customer Engagement

ShopBack Pay offers an integrated payments and rewards solution that benefits both shoppers and merchants. It streamlines the payment process for merchants by consolidating multiple payment methods, leading to efficient transactions. Additionally, the platform empowers brick-and-mortar merchants to interact with customers across multiple touchpoints, fostering stronger connections and building brand loyalty, thus contributing to sustained business growth.

Eddy Han (right) together with Christy Ng (left), Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Christy Ng, a leading women’s footwear and handbag retailer with ten outlets nationwide

“We have seen a strong growth in average order value since we introduced ShopBack PayLater to the business. We are eager to extend our customer reach through ShopBack’s latest rewards-integrated payment solution, where we can tap onto both online and offline audiences,” said Christy Ng, founder and CEO of Christy Ng, a leading women’s footwear and handbag retailer.

Unlock a World of In-Store Wins With CashBack’s latest Offering

As part of the launch, ShopBack will be “taking over” the Christy Ng store at Sunway Pyramid and the Jovian store in Shah Alam with the Cashbackholic activation where shoppers can redeem sure-win prizes and get instant RM15 Bonus Cashback with an accumulated spend of RM300 in-store when they pay with ShopBack.

Eddy Han (left) together with Dato’ Jovian Mandagie (right), Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jovian, an established fashion retailer in Malaysia at the flagship store in Shah Alam.   

Shoppers will also be delighted to know that they canstand to win 100% Cashback when they pay with ShopBack at selected merchants such as Puma, Aster Spring, Jakel, Alhumaira, Kapten Batik, Ariani and more from now until 31 August 2023.

The ShopBack app is available for download on Android and iOS devices here. Visit shopback.my for more information.

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