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Anker Innovations MY Launches The Mach V1 Ultra, The World’s First Cordless Stick Vacuum With Steam Mop in Malaysia.

by ikalmayang

The MACH V1 Ultra will deliver the most advanced solutions in home cleaning by combining the latest technology with never-before-seen features alongside sleek, modern aesthetics.

  • The Mach V1 Ultra sets the standard as the world’s first cordless vacuum with steam-mopping capabilities.
  • SteamWave™ technology helps tackle stubborn stains and disinfects surfaces – killing up to 99.9% of bacteria; in addition to the Eco-Clean Ozone™ sterilisation technology. 
  • eufy Clean App Control & Voice Assistant relays vital performance and battery status information to the user for the ultimate cleaning experience. 
  • Anker is the global leader in charging technology with Mach V1 Ultra boasting an industry-leading runtime of up to 82 mins on a single charge.  

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Anker Innovations Malaysia introduced today the Mach V1 Ultra – a cordless stickvac with Steam Mop cleaning appliance as part of their premium sub-brand offering, Mach. The Mach V1 Ultra aims to deliver the most advanced cleaning solution in the market, combining the latest technologies with sleek modern aesthetics. 

Gordon Sun, Regional General Manager, Anker Innovations Ltd said, “Our goal at Anker Innovations, is to help users save time and effort as they tackle the challenge of keeping their homes clean and safe. Thanks to the array of innovative technologies and solutions such as the SteamWave™ and Eco-Clean Ozone™ in the Mach V1 Ultra, we’re confident that it will set the standard for domestic cleaning appliances in the segment. I’m looking forward to our cutting-edge offering impressing Malaysian consumers as they journey towards a cleaner home experience.” 

Cleanse your living space like never before!

The Anker innovations Mach V1 Ultra features SteamWave™, a cordless steam technology which works by first dissolving the stain then vacuuming and mopping the surface within a single stride. Steam is continually released at temperatures of 110 °Celsius to effectively remove dirt and bacteria from dirty surfaces. Thanks to JetBlade™ Floor Quick Drying technology, which uses specially tuned motors to quietly blow dry the surface as you pass over it, leaving no footprints in its wake but clean, disinfected floors. 

Sterile without peril

The Eco-Clean Ozone™ sterilisation technology used in the Anker innovations Mach V1 Ultra cordless stickvac not only cleans and disinfects surfaces, by breaking down ozone molecules into oxygen molecules, but cleans itself also along with the rolling brush. 

According to a study done by the Technical Inspection Association (TUV) and Environmental Protection Agency, ozone technology in the Mach V1 Ultra can reduce germs by up to 99.9%. The Mach V1 Ultra was awarded the first TUV certificate for a product of this calibre.

Smart technology, smarter living. 

The Mach V1 Ultra can connect to a WiFi network and comes with the eufy Clean App Control & Voice Assistant, which monitors several parameters including the battery’s state of charge, performance figures (past & present) as well as helpful maintenance reminders and helpful tips on getting the most out from your Mach V1 Ultra. 

With 82 minutes of runtime on a single charge, the global leader in charging technology, Anker Innovations, has embedded its next generation intelligent battery management system into the Mach V1 Ultra – allowing users to carry on cleaning for longer periods of time; smart technology makes for smarter living.The Anker Innovations Mach V1 Ultra is now available for pre-order at major e-commerce stores such as Shopee and Lazada as well as online platforms for a recommended retail price of RM4,399.

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