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Top 10 Comfortable Cars in Malaysia

by 2Cents

Recently, the department of ordering services conducted a research on the car brands working closely with Maxim e-hailing and ranked them in terms of comfort. Here are the top 10 most popular models ranked as being the most comfortable.

The top in the rating is Toyota Hilux, which is the class model of car that is suitable with the users of Malaysia. In total 31% of partner-drivers used this car as their vehicle under the category of “Comfort Cars”

Moving on to the second in the chart: the Honda Accord – a type of vehicle that is compact but at the same time it brings comfort vibes. Data showed 6% of users from the registration used Honda Accord to take passengers.

Third place goes to Toyota Camry with a 4.99%. The car is suitable for business style and small families who need a ride. Usually users will choose this car during the trip on weekends or if they need a ride to attend a meeting. 

In the top five are Honda CR-V 4.91% and Nissan Trail 3% being the preferred car. As in the data it also showed several other cars under Proton and Toyota that manage on the top 10 with 2.9%-2.0% registration record. 

It’s a speciality in Maxim E-hailing where passengers can get the chance to ride in comfort cars. Some users need the car for business, attend special events and use it for special occasions. By providing the option for users to choose their level of comfort, Maxim E-hailing also provides the options for users to experience different and often premium car models specifically to suit their occasion. 

The analysis is based on data from more than 60 cities that Maxim E-hailing operates. It also included 246 different car models that are registered under comfort in the application. By sharing the date of a variety of comfortable cars, it reveals the type of car that users might get when they choose comfort. 

Top 10 comfortable cars in Malaysia:

  1. Toyota Hilux      31%
  2. Honda Accord   6%
  3. Toyota Camry   4.99%
  4. Honda CR-V     4.91%
  5. Nissan X-trail    3%
  6. Proton X70        2.9%
  7. Proton X50        2.5%
  8. Toyota Vellfire   2.3%
  9. Toyota Fortuner 2.2%
  10. Nissan Serena   2%

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