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Lee Motors Auto Care partners with Solarvest to offer BMW customers green charging solutions for premium electric vehicles.

by ikalmayang

Lee Motors Auto Care, the leading representative for the BMW brand in the State of Kedah and its surrounding areas, partners with POWERBEE, a wholly owned subsidiary of clean energy solutions provider, Solarvest Holdings Berhad, to offer new BMW Electric Vehicle customers an exclusive solar energy solution, complementing their premium ownership experience.

The partnership aims to support new BMW Electric Vehicle owners with a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable journey. Customers will enjoy a complimentary 4.5 kWp rooftop solar PV system worth RM22,000 from the Solarvest Group.

Eugene Lee, Managing Director of Lee Motors Auto Care, announced the partnership and offering saying, “As
the representative of the brand BMW in Kedah, we are committed to providing our customers with a premium
ownership experience through our products and responsible charging capabilities. Our partnership with
Solarvest Group reinforces our commitment to providing innovative and sustainable solutions, supporting state-
of-the-art vehicles and EV charging technology for an exceptional ownership experience.”

Meanwhile, Davis Chong Chun Shiong, spokesperson from Solarvest Holdings Berhad emphasised the
importance of sustainability in EV deployment, stating, “To truly achieve sustainability, it is crucial to support
Electric Vehicles with responsible and renewable sources of energy. At POWERBEE, our commitment lies in
providing EV charging solutions powered by 100% renewable energy. With a 4.5kWp rooftop solar PV system,
on average, we can generate enough electricity needed for five full charges per month on the BMW i7,
equivalent to a traveling distance of 3,125km, all powered by renewable energy. Through this partnership, we
are exploring further collaborations with Lee Motors to increase EV adoption in Malaysia and ensure that the
transition to electric mobility is supported with green energy.”

By integrating a rooftop solar PV system, new owners of the BMW EVs from Lee Motors Auto Care can
effectively harness renewable energy sources to power their EVs, managing their carbon footprint better as well
as creating more responsible value for their premium ownership experience.
Solarvest Holdings Berhad has also announced its decision to transition its corporate vehicle fleet to Electric
Vehicles, aiming to set an example for like-minded organisations to adopt this technology switch for a more
responsible and sustainable deployment of clean energy solutions.

The First-Ever BMW iX 40, BMW iX 40 Sport and BMW iX 50 Sport are priced at MYR 403, 800, MYR 447,800
and MYR 546,800 respectively, while the First-Ever BMW i7 xDrive 60 is priced at MYR 729,800. Furthermore,
BMW Electric Vehicle owners can access over 1,000 charging facilities available under BMW Group Malaysia’s
network thus far.

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