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BMW Group Malaysia hosts the BMW Shorties Festival 2023, in partnership with Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest).

by ikalmayang

The BMW Shorties, Malaysia’s most prestigious and longest-running short film competition and creative initiative by BMW Group Malaysia, introduces a week-long film festival in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur this coming Tuesday, 25th to Friday, 28th July 2023. The festival, in collaboration with its partner the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest), invites the public to celebrate creatives in their artistic craft with the likes of music, film and digital content.  

To kick off the exciting week, the public will have the opportunity to watch the screenings of the BMW Shorties Top 10 Finalists at GSC MyTOWN Shopping Centre on July 25th.. Tickets are priced at RM 10 per session and can be purchased online or at GSC MyTOWN’s counter from July 21st at 12pm onwards. The first session will run from 4:00PM to 5:20PM and will showcase Selamat Malam, Dunia! by Putra Adib, TAUGEH 豆记 by U Wang, INMATES by Palani Veloo, The Known Stranger by Bryan Sim and The Missing Trophy by Wong Ga Dong. The second session will run from 7:00PM to 8:20PM and will showcase 阿嬤 Ah Ma by Chew Boon Wai, SELALU ADA by Faizal Noar, (男孩) Boys by Fabian Loo, Aku, Ayah dan Muzik by Mohd Hanif Fikri and All Who Leave Go There by Ikram Haizammuri.

The following day on Wednesday, July 26th at the Central Rooftop Garden, Lalaport BBCC, the public will be able to enjoy a breathtaking view while attending the BMW Shorties’ Open-Air Cinema & Marketplace. From 4:00PM to 9:30PM, immerse yourself in a delightful experience featuring captivating short films, engaging activities and delicious food from partnering vendors, in a wonderful atmosphere created by the open-air setting. In addition to this, attendees will be given the opportunity to purchase exclusive BMW Shorties merchandise featuring this year’s theme, EVOLVE.

Ending the festival on a high note, we will be presenting an exclusive preview of ‘RAHASIA’, the newest BMW-funded film created by Syahmi Norsan, BMW Shorties’ Grand Prize Winner of 2022. This one-day screening at GSC MyTOWN Shopping Centre will be held on Friday, 28th July, from 5:00PM to 6:30PM, where the public will be able to watch the captivating short film that explores the intricate subjects of identity, family and heritage, drawing inspiration from the enchanting traditions of the ancient Mah Meri tribe.

For further information and further details on BMW Shorties week-long film festival, visit official BMW Shorties Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/bmwshorties and Instagram page at www.instagram.com/bmwshorties.

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