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Good Vibes Festival 2023: What You Should Know

by ikalmayang

If you’ve been living under a rock (like me), then you probably weren’t informed of the giant lineup that Good Vibes Festival 2023 has curated this year. 

In conjunction with their decade-long run, GVF is bringing over a plethora of diverse acts from all over the world. Some you’ve been waiting for so long to see, others you might be curious about. 

So, without further ado – here are some of the artists we think are worth checking out. 

  1. Daniel Caesar 

The soulful R&B artist has made a huge name for himself over the years. With his album Freudian – a beautifully curated gospel-like debut featuring big names (Kali Uchis, H.E.R) that captured the hearts and ears of millions across the globe. Exploring themes surrounding philosophy and unrequited love, Caesar’s work is bound to bring a welcome melancholy to an otherwise chaotic three days. 

  1. The Filters 

Four-piece “math rock” band The Filters aren’t necessarily sticklers for genre, but they are addictive. Hailing from the heart of Klang Valley, the quartet describe themselves playing “fractional math rock” – an introductory foray to the often elusive genre of math rock. Regardless, their energy on stage is as infectious (if not more!) as their debut album – The Exhaler. Fans of the local music scene may have already heard of them – and to no surprise, as they’ve built a solid reputation for putting on a brilliant performance.

  1. The 1975

Apart from The Strokes, everyone predictably would be crowding over to watch The 1975 as they perform for the second time in Malaysia and in Good Vibes Festival. The indie-rock behemoths have graced their presence before in 2016 and are now back, bigger and certainly better than before. 

Be sure to check them out and other wonderful local and international acts at this year’s GVF 2023!

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