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How to Survive The Malaysian Heat

by ikalmayang

This week, the weather has peaked at a scorching 35℃ with a general ‘feellike’ of 41℃. Malaysians, how are we feeling? 

With the recent news of the government declaring a level 1 heatwave in the districts of Pahang, more and more Malaysians are prone to overheating and getting heatstroke, which is why it’s important to be prepared for the oncoming weather that will only get hotter as the months progress (or at least until monsoon season kicks in). 

Here are some ways you can survive the hot weather. 


  • Stay Hydrated

Sweating is our body’s way of cooling ourselves, but we are at risk of getting dehydrated because our body is pumping out all the moisture from itself. Drinking water is important not only to aid us in staying cool, but it helps our body regulate itself constantly. If you can, remember to sprinkle in some electrolytes to replenish our body’s salt content. 


  • Dress Cool

Sorry KL kids, but wearing your thick, black sweaters might not be a good idea in this weather. We’re sure you can find other alternatives but might we recommend something light and breezy – and if possible, keep to only one layer. The West’s ‘summer’ clothes best fit this description – the thinner the material, the better.


  • Keep Yourself in the Dark

You might think that closing your windows and drawing your curtains trap hot air in your room, and to some extent you’re right – but uncovered, open windows bring far greater heat into your space than necessary. Keep your room cool and dark by buying light blocking curtains.


  • Block Out the Sun

Wear. Your. Sunscreen. Or sunblock for maximum protection. Walking about in public, especially with the harsh sun beating down your skin can invite a lot of problems. Not only will you be exposing yourself to harsh UV rays, but you’ll also risk getting sunburnt – and sunburns are extremely painful. So, remember to add an extra layer of protection regardless whether you’re inside or outside the house. 

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