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Twirl Your Way to Curly Locks

by ikalmayang

Curly hair is all the rage now. Those with straight tresses know what it’s like to suffer from flat, dull, shapeless hair and would love to have some volume on their head – and those with unruly, untameable locks want more than anything to have their curls defined and flawless. 

Since the birth of the curling iron, many hair dressers have sworn by them and also condemned them. Excessive exposure to heat is terrible for your hair, that goes without saying. Not only does it increase frizz and dryness, but you could end up damaging your hair’s keratin – the very thing that strengthens your hair. So over time, your hair will end up weak, sad and limp.

That is, until heatless curlers became a thing. See, there’s always alternative solutions to our problems. This became all the rage, but the materials used – mostly cheap plastic – and the way it’s designed could also end up damaging your hair. 

Introducing the Fii Cloud Curler! A proven alternative to curling irons! 

fii beauty

Here are some of its features: 

  • Proven Heatless Curling Technique

As mentioned, curling irons damage the natural strength and soft quality of your hair. With the Fii Cloud Curler, not only does it curl but also protects and prevents tangles and breakage for your locks. 


  • Effortless Curls that Frame your Face

Bun your hair up with the Fii Cloud Curler, leave it for at least 4 hours or overnight and you will end up with pretty, loose and natural curls that frame your face nicely!


  • Made with Premium Mulberry Silk 

With a lush and soft feel, the mulberry silk is what will protect and retain your hair’s naturally soft characteristics – real silk, according to Fii Beauty, retains hair moisture, leaving your tresses protected and lovely. 


What does this mean for you? 

The risk of a bad perm is devastating: not only will you have to live with an unsightly perm for a long time, but your hair will also have fried itself to the point where sometimes nursing it back to its original state might not seem possible. If it is, it’ll take a long time. 


With the Fii Cloud Curler, it seems like you don’t have anything to worry about – you’ll get pretty, natural curls whenever and however you want to, with zero commitment.

Interested? You can visit the Fii Beauty website HERE and get YOUR Cloud Curler delivered at your own doorstep! 


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