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How to prepare for a concert

by ikalmayang

After nearly a decade (or more) of waiting, Coldplay has finally decided to grace their presence in Malaysia this coming November. Hopefully you’ve managed to snag your tickets among the plethora of other competitors. 

With that being said, whether it’s your first or if you’re a seasoned goer, here are 5 tips to prepare for a concert. 


  • Go early

Unless you don’t mind barrelling through the crowd when the gates open, it’s best to come at least 3 hours earlier. This might sound like overkill, but from what we’ve witnessed from the Blackpink concert, it’s fair to say that coming early can be rewarding. Some people have been known to come in the morning just so they can camp out to be the first in line for the best spots.


  • Hydrate

Concerts take out a lot of energy, so it’s best to drink water and hydrate yourself as much as possible. But don’t go overboard, because it can be a pain to suddenly have to go to the toilet in the middle of a concert. No one wants a full bladder while you’re jumping around enjoying the show. 

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  • Pack essentials 

Pack light, but remember to pack what is necessary. Some items include: wet tissues, small towels, your wallet, phone and most importantly your ID card and the tickets themselves. You should always remember to be vigilant with your belongings, which is why a small, front-facing bag is the best bet to ensure your items are always on your person. 


  • Avoid prohibited items 

It’s a given that drugs and alcohol are a no. Unless you’re prepared to be kicked out of the venue, do not bring dangerous or prohibited items such as lighters, drugs, sharp objects like knives or scissors and other flammable objects. 


  • Always prepare for your exit

Once the concert is over, there will be a massive ‘traffic jam’ when people are geared up to leave the venue. The best route is to be patient and wait for the crowd to disperse or be civil and leave the venue in an orderly fashion. It’s not wise to push or shove people because at the end of the day, you’re all going to the same exits. 

Most importantly, be civil, respectful and enjoy the night. Concerts are fun experiences, so you wouldn’t want to ruin it by anything that can potentially bring harm to you. 


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