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Coming Soon: Nikon Z 8, Hybrid Mirrorless Camera

by ikalmayang

With the all-new Z 8, Nikon is set to deliver a flagship camera made for creative-filled narratives in videos and stills not only through visual language but also by engineering Z 8 to maintain reliability and uncompromised functionality, positioning itself as the always-ready partner for professionals and creators alike. 


Agility that astounds

The new Z 8 allows for agile shoo ting for an extended period of time, even for a one-person operation with its compact and lightweight video recording system. The camera’s compatibility with an array of videography accessories significantly reduces the amount of equipment needed during shoots and the set-up time.

Screenshot 2023-05-16 094037

Seeing is capturing

Precise and decisive moments are easily caught on Z 8. Users can record up to 1 second before the shutter button is fully pressed, or up to 4 seconds after the button is fully pressed.

Screenshot 2023-05-16 094104

Capture with confidence

The all-new Z 8 features a new environmentally-friendly material, Sereebo® P Series, which is used on the main body components and can endure knocks and withstand temperatures as low as -10 degrees Celsius. The dust-and-drip resistant design helps to prevent dust and liquid from entering the camera, allowing creative creators to shoot anywhere, anytime. 

And the Nikon Z 8 doesn’t stop there – join us as we will unveil more features of this powerhouse on Monday, 22 May, in Malaysia.


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