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5 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

by ikalmayang

Mother’s Day is one of the days to show your appreciation for your mothers. Remembering their sacrifices and hardship to carry, raise and shape you to be who you are today is important – and what better way to show your gratitude than to give her the perfect gift. 

Here are 5 gift ideas for your moms this Mother’s Day:


  • Flowers

Keeping it sweet, simple and a whole lot of meaningful, flowers are the fastest and one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your mums. Bonus points if you know what your mom’s favourite flowers are. Different flowers carry different meanings. For example. Carnations signal love, specifically mother’s love, and are very popular during Mother’s Day. 


  • Personalised photo

Gather your favourite photos with your mum and personalise it – from pretty, hand painted frames to elegantly decorated albums, spruce up your mom’s display rack with a thoughtful and handmade photo album or photo frame to immortalise your favourite memories with your mom. 


  • High tea treat

Spoil your mom with a luxurious high tea experience by booking a reservation at a fancy hotel this mother’s day. Not only will your mom feel like royalty, but it gives her a reason to escape the busy-ness of daily life, and experience a rich and (ful)filling afternoon with her loved ones. 


  • Spa day 

If your mom spends her days toiling away whether at work or at home, then treating her to a nice, relaxing evening is definitely what she needs. Book a spa session with the intention of pulling her away from the stress and motions of life. After all, sometimes what your mom needs is just a day OFF. 


  • Homecooked food

Can’t afford to splurge? Or simply wishing you could speak the same love language? Cook her a whole meal. Bonus points if you can somehow recreate her favourite dishes. It’s your turn to cook for someone who’s fed you consistently as you were growing up. Personally, this seems like the most heartwarming gift a child can give their mother – the very same gesture returned is appreciated tenfold. 

Hopefully these suggestions were helpful in making you choose what to give your mom. Whatever the gift is, a little definitely goes a long way with the sincerest intentions. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! 

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