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Preserve Your Precious Locks With 50 Megumi

by ikalmayang

It’s very common to shed around 100 strands of hair a day, experts say. However, because of our diet, lifestyle and worsening environmental factors, hair loss is becoming a global issue. 

Statistics show that hair loss is becoming more common; by the age of 30, 25% of men and 12% of women lose their hair(1).

How do you know if you are suffering from hair loss? If you find yourself losing large chunks of hair during combing, after showering, or during blow-drying, then these are all underlying signs of hair loss.


Hair loss is unpleasant. Aesthetically, it brings about negative changes and can lead to self-esteem issues in both men and women. There are multiple causes for this: genetics, post-partum, stress and regular hair chemical treatments can all lead to gradual hair loss.

Using anti-hair fall shampoo alone will not suffice because it does not provide enough time for the product to absorb into the scalp and stimulate hair growth or prevent hair loss.

Therefore it is important to add hair treatment essence into your hair care regime to prevent hair loss and increase hair volume. By implementing a hair care routine in your life, you can decrease the chances of irreversible hair loss and prevent it early on. 

Introducing: 50 Megumi Treatment Essence. 


The 50 Megumi Treatment Essence is a leading anti-hair loss product in Japan, with over 10 million products sold.

With over 50 precious herbal ingredients including ginseng, ginger roots, poria and Japonica to name a few, it helps to deliver nutrients to strengthen hair roots and foster a healthy scalp environment for stronger and thicker hair. 


It has a light and non-greasy texture that will not compromise hair styling, nor will it leave an icky consistency on your scalp. Furthermore, it has a refreshing orange and lemon scent that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day. 


Hair growth takes time, 3-4 months to be exact, so patience is the game here. However, by being disciplined and dedicated to your hair care routine, you can see significant changes after 4 months. 

With the 50 Megumi Treatment Essence, apply it twice a day and you will feel the difference in your scalp: 

  • After 1 month  : Hair feels strengthened
  • After 2 months : Less hair fall
  • After 4 months : Hair feels Thicker & Volumized

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But don’t take our word for it. According to an internal survey, 90% of consumers have claimed an increase in their hair volume, and on average, hair loss has decreased by 32% in 4 months

The 50 Megumi Treatment Essence is the ideal step to take when preventing hair fall. After all, hair is one of our defining physical characteristics and we should definitely start taking better care of it. 

For more information and where to purchase the essence, click HERE.


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