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Top 3 Snacks to Enjoy at Golden Screen Cinemas This April and May!

by ikalmayang

Introducing all-new range of food offerings coming in hot to our cinema concessions for the month of April and May!

Throughout the month of April and May, a range of new delightful food offerings will be available at Golden Screen Cinema (‘GSC’) concessions. Hankering for sweet treats or savoury mouth-watering snacks? We have your cravings sorted. 


90s kids rejoice! In conjunction with the release of the much-awaited The Super Mario Bros’ movie, GSC has launched a limited-time only ‘Super Game Box’, featuring the all-new onde-onde flavoured popcorn, inspired by the flavours of freshly grated coconut and aromatic pandan. Encased in the signature Mystery box from The Super Mario Bros’ game series, the green tinged onde-onde popcorn even loosely resembles the Koopa Troopa shells. The combo set is complete with a large soft drink of your choice and a bottle of Minute Maid orange juice (300ml) to refresh your cinematic experiences!


Bananas too make a familiar sight in The Super Mario Bros’ game series, but GSC has rolled out our own take with the all-new savoury yet sweet Pisang Goreng hot snack. Coated with delightfully crispy batter, Pisang Goreng is a much-loved Malaysian street-food snack best enjoyed during tea-time, and can now be enjoyed whilst catching a movie! The combo set is paired with a refreshing fruit-infused soda drink, So Tinge, available in 2 flavours.  



For those who enjoy savoury snacks whilst catching movies, you’re in for a treat this May with the launch of BBQ Chicken Drumettes – glazed to perfection with a smoky yet flavourful twist. Crunchy and delectable, all in one-bite. Best enjoyed with our much-loved Super Fries, movie-goers who purchase the BBQ chicken drumettes combo will be entitled to 50% off Super Fries.








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