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BTS Jimin’s ‘Like Crazy’ Ranks #1 in US Charts

by ikalmayang

Just when you think BTS couldn’t break anymore records, they set out and proved you wrong. 

Jimin, a prominent member of BTS, has just broken the record for being the first South Korean artist to top the US Billboard Charts with his latest single ‘Like Crazy’.

Jimin, being the latest member to debut his solo career after the group’s hiatus, had surpassed other South Korean artists who have impressively placed themselves in the popular US charts beforehand. 

His compadre RM had previously ranked 3rd in his solo album Indigo, and veteran K-Pop star Psy had placed 2nd with his worldwide hit song ‘Gangnam Style’. 

JM 3

What does this mean for the South Korean entertainment industry? 

After decades of American pop culture dominating the global media, South Korea is finally rising and overtaking major influence, and BTS has helped paved the way for other K-Pop groups to reach worldwide recognition. 

Jimin’s single ‘Like Crazy’ has made its mark in the entertainment world, and elevated South Korean entertainment industry to new visibilities. 

jm 2

Worldwide Phenomenon: K-Pop’s Massive Power

It’s an exciting time for pop culture as a new influence is beginning to take  centre stage, and there is no telling as to what cultural shifts will happen in future, but there is one thing we do know: the power of K-Pop is global, and it’s here to stay. 

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Watch Like Crazy’s Music Video HERE

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