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5 Ways to Balance Your WFH Life

by ikalmayang

Post-pandemic saw a shift in working culture. As more and more companies switch to a work-from-home option, we’re now granted a lot of benefits: being able to save cost, time, and having flexibility and convenience in doing our jobs. 

But it also means having to adjust to a new kind of normal – one that blurs the line between work and personal life, as our home has also turned to our workplace. We may find it difficult sometimes to manage our time efficiently, especially when our workstation is two feet away from our beds (having your own office space may be a luxury not everyone can afford, after all). 

How, then, do we find balance in our WFH schedule, and how do we stay focused to ensure we’re being as productive as possible?

Here are 5 things we can definitely consider:


  • Shake up your routine 

Routine is good, but a change once or twice might be what our brains need to generate motivation. Instead of staying home, try going to a local coffee shop, or find a co-working space nearby to get into the mood of working. When you’re in a new setting, it stimulates your mind because you’re exposed to new environments, sounds, and surrounded by people who are also likely to be working. Mental effort is contagious, and you may find yourself working a little smarter than you normally would. 


  • Get ready as if you’re actually going to the office 

The office is a space that requires you to be presentable and to a higher degree, appear professional. When you get ready, you’re not only dressing your body up, but also gearing your mind up to prepare for work. So even if you’re going to move two feet away to your desk, dress up the way you would when you go to the office. Your mind will immediately get into the familiarity of preparing itself for work, which can lead you to better productivity.


  • Keep track of your time 

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re the only one working. No one is there to ask you out to lunch, and your employers aren’t there to monitor your deadlines. This can be great if you’re in the zone, but you need to learn to allocate your time wisely so you don’t get mental fatigue or worse burnout. Keep a close eye on your working hours, and remember to take a full hour’s lunch just like you normally would, and enjoy your breaks like you do in the office. 


  • Do a to-do list

Just like you would block out your calendar at work, start planning your to-do lists in advance. This allows you to stay on track, not just with your deadlines but also with everything in between. When you’re in the comfort of your own space, you might tend to overlook small tasks, which is why it’s important to list down everything – even something menial like ‘water break’ – so that you can keep your focus intact. Plus, it’s always fun to cross off something on a list once you’re done! 


  • Go outside and get fresh air 

One of the benefits of WFH is that you can do anything you want, especially on your breaks. The next time you feel cooped up in your space, try going out for some fresh air. Take a short walk and let the sun kiss your skin. Walks are always good to rejuvenate your mind, and encourage you to better focus on your upcoming tasks. 

All in all, WFH has a lot of perks, but sometimes you may find yourself getting demotivated when being in the same space for too long. Hopefully by adopting these new considerations, you can refocus your attention back to being productive and delivering your best work. 



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