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Happy Logidays: Logitech Holiday Lookbook 2022

by ikalmayang

Logitech brings its 2022 Holiday Lookbook: give the gift of creativity with Logitech’s complete gift guide perfect for this holiday season.

The dawn of the holiday season approaches, bringing with it a sense of warmth and joy, and nothing is as prominent as the joy of gift-giving. Whether it be for the hybrid worker, gamer or artist, Logitech boasts a wide array of trendy and sophisticated releases that are bound to suit each professional and creative need. 



The value of versatility and flexibility are what most digital creators yearn for in tech – especially those that are sleek, smooth and provide a more comfortable user-experience to accommodate long hours on the screen. Logitech has taken great leaps in innovating its products that are sure to guarantee ultimate productivity and comfort for all digital workers.


  • MX Master 3s & MX Master 3s for Mac


An icon remastered, the MX Master 3s mouse (RM569) follows its predecessor: the MX Master 3 but with new features, performance and flow. 

The MX Master 3s provides quiet clicks and delivers the same satisfaction with 90% less click noise compared to its pioneer, making it ideal for focused work in any environment. It provides a smooth fit for detailed work on larger monitors as it boasts 4,000 to 8,000 DPIs for ultimate speed precision – even on glass.

Users can rest assured that with the agility and smoothness that the MX Master 3s provides, one need only worry about choosing the right colours. The mouse comes in sleek, Space Gray and Graphite, alongside Pale Gray. A design choice made from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic – towards a better environment overall. 



  • MX Mechanical, MX Mechanical Mini


The MX Mechanical (RM979) and MX Mechanical Mini + MX Mechanical Mini for Mac (RM859) combine the best of Logitech’s gaming keyboard expertise with the signature experiences of the Master Series to maximise flow for advanced digital creators. 

The keyboards offer the latest generation of low-profile mechanical switches – with a Tactile Quiet (Brown) key switch that puts it on the top of Logitech’s quietest mechanical keyboards in existence. 

The Clicky (Blue) and Linear (Red) switch options for the MX Mechanical and MX Mechanical Mini are also available in select markets. Users can personalise their typing experience with six dynamic backlighting options and further customisation through Logi Options+



Holidays are always filled with colour and beauty. These trendy and stylish releases embody the spirit of the holidays, with colourful and eye-catching aesthetics ready to ensnare the senses. 


  • POP Mouse & Desk Mat



The POP Mouse is a cute, portable mouse that packs power into a compact design, bringing joy and individuality to your workspace whenever and wherever creativity strikes.

The POP Mouse (RM159) features a compact size that slips right into your bag, whether you work from the office, a coffee shop or your room. Complete your desk space with the Logitech Desk Mat (RM99): a colourful, anti-slip desk mat with a spill-resistant surface. They come in a wide variety of colours such as pink, purple and white – each bringing its own personality to your working space. 





  • K380 + Pebble Combo



Make any space minimalist and modern with a design-forward mouse and keyboard that fit your curated lifestyle. 

The compact K380 Multi-Device Keyboard offers comfy and quiet typing, while the Logitech Pebble M350 Mouse delivers silent clicks and scrolls – plus a smooth organic shape that fits your pocket. 

The multi-tasking duo goes wherever you like to work, retailing for RM209. Available in new Lavender Lemonade, Sand and Blueberry (K380 for Mac only) colours, in addition to Rose, Off-White and Black, the K380 and Pebble Mouse power pair goes wherever life takes you. 





This holiday season is also best to catch up on your gaming pastime, and what better way to get comfortable and ready than with the vast array of versatile collections Logitech has to offer. 


  • Aurora Collection



Perhaps the most distinctively unique collection, the Aurora Collection boasts a beautiful aesthetic and design language while also allowing for personalisation through custom accessories and colour options. 

The collection also includes Logitech G’s advanced gaming grade technologies like LIGHTSPEED high-performance wireless technology. The result is a collection of gear that invites diverse gamers to come as they are, while delivering the advanced feature set all gamers expect. 

The new collection features the G735 Wireless Gaming Headset (RM949), the G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard (RM849), the G713 Gaming Keyboard (RM743), G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse (RM446) alongside custom accessories. Furthermore, it was designed to be gender inclusive, not gender exclusive, addressing the needs and wants of women gamers while also appealing to all gamers who are looking for a playful design and curated experience. 


  • G502 X, G502 X LIGHTSPEED and G502 X PLUS



Picture3For those who are looking to elevate their gaming experience even higher, the G502 X mouse models boast a myriad of high performance, precision, comfort and style. The models help the user become one with the game, while uplevelling skills to new, unimaginable heights. 

Exclusive to Logitech G, all G502 X models come with the all-new LIGHTFORCE hybrid optical-mechanical switches for incredible speed and reliability. In addition to precise actuation with crisp response. 

The new line touts Logitech G’s high performance HERO 25K high-precision gaming sensor, which offers a 1-1 ratio accuracy at sub-micron levels and zero smoothing, filtering or acceleration. 

The G502 X PLUS model comes equipped with LIGHTSYNC RGB powering a flowing 8-LED lighting that’s customizable and adapts as you play with startup and power down effects and battery optimisation through active play detection. 

The G502 X retails for RM399, The G502 X LIGHTSPEED retails for RM618, while the G502 X PLUS for RM733. All three mice are available in black and white colorways.


  • PRO X SUPERLIGHT Magenta Wireless Gaming Mouse



The Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT is Logitech’s lightest, fastest PRO mouse ever. 

Powered by LIGHTSPEED, it’s here to help you remove all obstacles, so you can focus on nothing but winning. Get insanely precise, fast and consistent control with HERO Sensor. 

Take first faster with zero-additive PTFE feet that deliver a dramatically smoother glide. The PRO X SUPERLIGHT weighs less than 63g without the need for ridiculous holes. 

Developed in collaboration with a large group of the world’s best esports pros, the PRO X SUPERLIGHT features hyper-minimal design, but is packed with our latest technologies and advancements. PRO X SUPERLIGHT is available in pink, black and white, and retails for RM690.

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