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Keep An Eye for Cool with ROHTO Cool Eye Wash

by ikalmayang

Do you find your eyes irritated after a long day of work? Do you rub them until you feel yourself blinded by the bright white lights of heaven?

Well, stop. 

You know what happens when you rub your eyes. 


Countless articles, radio PSAs and your local optometrist would tell you that rubbing your itchy eyes further elevates the itchiness. Now all you’ve got after that momentary bliss is the feeling of having your eyeball sandpapered and left out to dry under the hot, Malaysian sun. 

That’s where we come in with the Rohto Cool Eye Wash. 


Eye Wash

Yes. So, what exactly are the benefits of an eye wash? And why do I need to use them? 

Benefits of Using Eye Washes

Eyewash solutions are a safe way to ease irritated eyes when you’re at home, or on the go. 

What are they made of?

Purified water. No, not the biblical kind, but the scientific kind. Purified water essentially is water that has undergone through several filtering processes to remove any traces of impurities. 


Eyewash solutions can have other ingredients, too – so be wary and informed because it helps to know what they are and  how to use them safely. 


When Should You Use Eye Washes?

The solutions can help when one or both of your eyes feel irritated, burn, sting or itch. All of the aforementioned symptoms can be a real pain to your quality of life – and eyewash solutions can help alleviate the issues. 

Why Do You Need To Use Eye Washes?

Our eyes are the most vulnerable part of our face as the only protection we have against elements comes from our eyelids that only close once every few seconds. So, it’s important to have routine cleanse.

Uses of Eye Wash

  • Eye washes flush out harmful substances or particles before they can cause further damage or irritation
  • They remove dirt, dust or particles in your eyes
  • Removes all residue or leftover traces of makeup e.g. eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara
  • They’re an easy and effective way to cleanse and refresh your eyes! 


How Do You Use Them?

If you wear contact lenses, remove them first. 

If you wear glasses, also remove them first.

If you don’t wear contacts or glasses, keep reading. 

eyewash usage

  1. Rinse the cup with some of the solution
  2. Fill the cup to the mark
  3. Put the cup over your eye. Be sure to hold it there tightly to avoid leaks. 
  4. Squeeze the cup gently, keep your eyes open. 
  5. Rinse the cup with clean water. 

So, Why Rohto?

Rohto is a widely-known brand that specialises in eye care that are designed to provide comfort, hydration and high-value methods to prevent eye diseases and maintain eye health. 

rohto brand

Their eye wash provides the following:

  • Signature cooling sensation
  • Special squeeze cup
  • Long lasting moisturisation 


In addition, it also soothes and cleanses tired and uncomfortable eyes, washes away pollutants and makeup residue. 

For people who spend extra long hours in front of your screen, not to worry – the Rohto eye wash also soothes eye irritation from digital gadgets and air conditioning. All these things contribute to eyes drying and itching – so eye care is as important, in fact even more important now than it was ever before. 

Take care of your eyes today and get the Rohto eye wash to start. 

It retails for approximately RM30 at 150ml. 

Get it HERE.


(picture by Beauty Insider)


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