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Getting To Know Who Your Driver Is?

by ikalmayang

The necessity of e-hailing rides is increasing rapidly in Malaysia and ride service is an essential aspect for everyday commute. Users prefer ride hailing service as their everyday travel partner to skip the headache of parking. Maxim being one of the world’s prominent ride hailing service with tractable data of application, driver, passenger and history of ride, the users get the opportunity to know more about their drivers and the type of car that they can expect for their booking.

In a recent survey conducted by Maxim Malaysia for the top three car models used for ride hailing, the type of car models which the drivers prefer to use for ride hailing has been astounding. Perodua Myvi as the king of the road has topped the list due to the fact of efficiency, low fuel consumption and sustainability. Simultaneously, Perodua Axia and Perodua Bezza came out as second and third in the survey list.

A visual chart to share for interesting insight:

MY_TM_Malaysia_Images for articles_en_1080х1920_1
Another survey was conducted on the top 3 common names of drivers. Maxim drivers just like any other Malaysians possess the most variety and unique names, amongst the variety of names ‘Muhammad’ is the top one, and subsequently Abdul and Nur.

The top 3 name of the drivers depicted in a visual chart:

MY_TM_Malaysia_Images for articles_en_1080х1920_2
Moving on to the range of age, Maxim opens the chance for everyone to join as drivers. Drivers are required to have a competent driving license and E-hailing vehicle permit (eVP) from the concerned authority in order to provide ride hailing services to users. The drivers have the flexibility to choose their schedule as a full time job or part time.

Below is the chart to visualize the age range of Maxim drivers:

MY_TM_Malaysia_Images for articles_en_1080х1920_3
Maxim Malaysia always ensures the safety of the passengers, and sharing these small facts will build comprehensible trust upon Maxim by our beloved users. So if your order through Maxim application and most chance you will get 18-35 years old Muhammad drive Perodua Myvi. Passenger can download Maxim application through Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.


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