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Do You Think You’re An Introvert? Let’s Find Out

by Superhero

What do you know about being an introverted person? Are you anti-social? Silent? Do you like to be alone?

In truth, an introvert is one of the two human personas that exist on our planet, the other being extrovert.

Introverts are generally connected with anything bad when compared to extroverts since they are people who are quiet, peaceful, secretive and like to be alone, and some even believe they are anti-social and haughty.

Introverts really enjoy “me time”

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Such individuals really enjoy time alone very well. When the extrovert is bored when alone at home, you feel calm and happy. During this time, introverts will usually spend time thinking and daydreaming away, sometimes thinking deeply, there is time to monologue alone.

Not anti-social but very selective

Such individuals are not anti-social as society claims, but they are more inclined and cautious in befriending someone. You want to get to know someone’s character before becoming close friends with him or her.

The introvert felt the crowd was suffocating

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Not because you are afraid of people but uncomfortable when with strangers. You can’t wait to go home simply to avoid hanging out with a group of people who talk about unimportant things, let alone you are completely ignorant.

More comfortable “hang out” with people you know

You rarely go to crowded events. Occasionally, you will go to such an event but that is very rare. You are more comfortable with people you know, and feel safer and more comfortable.

Introverts are good listeners

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Such individuals are excellent listeners. He listens, observes and understands. But it is not easy to give an answer or response. He will only respond if someone asks for his feedback.

Think before you speak

Introverts are the ones who are very careful in speaking. Often they will think and avoid delivering something in vain. Each time they argue, they will think deeply so that what is presented is quality and useful, not gossip at all.

A writer

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Introverts prefer to communicate through writing rather than orally. Most introverts, like author J.K. Rowling, say that she feels most creative when having time to be alone with their thoughts.

Phone ringtones are the enemy

They are not comfortable with people chatting on the phone. Often felt that the cell phone was interfering with his focus on something. Only certain people can have a good conversation over the phone.

Slow in replying to someone’s order

When you know that someone sent you a message, you will not reply immediately. While it may be a message from the family. You choose to reply to messages in a ready state, so you will reply to messages in good language.

Like to observe the situation around

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Maybe it’s already your solitary nature, so you like to observe and observe the environment in detail. You try to dive in and find out what’s going on with the situation around you. You often try to find answers about whatever is around you.

Don’t like attention

Sometimes introverts tend to avoid people around them. Attention is not something you like and even goes crazy, rumbling when suddenly the focus is on you. For example, being in front of the camera to do something, is not something you like but you are increasingly avoiding.


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