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Premium smart air fryers helping M’sians enhance their cooking experience with cutting-edge technology

by Grace Sundram

COSORI Malaysia (COSORI) is about to make life in the kitchens easier than ever for Malaysians with the introduction of two (2) new models for its Premium Smart Air Fryers – Model: CP158 and CAF-P583S, which feature eye-catching designs and smart functions for improved user convenience. The air fryers come with a large capacity and use up to 85% less oil compared to conventional air fryers, allowing consumers to cook in a healthier way while maintaining the same delicious taste of food.  

Favorable by consumers around the world for its ability to enhance user convenience, the No.1 Selling Air Fryer Brand in the US has now landed in Malaysia to deliver user-friendly products with premium materials for all consumers to live life tastefully.  

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COSORI Premium 5.5-Litre Air Fryer (Model: CP158- AF)

Recognized as Red Dot Design winner in 2019, the COSORI Premium 5.5 Litre Air Fryer is built in a rectangular form with a removable drawer. The brushed matte black color housing incorporates high-quality metal elements, which also frame the user interface. The air fryer’s spacious 5.5L square baskets can serve a family of 3 to 5 people, which can fit a whole 2.27kg chicken.

To help you prepare your daily meals easily, it comes with an intuitive LED touchscreen and 11 popular pre-set pictograms (Steak, Poultry, Seafood, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Foods, French Fries, Vegetables, Root Vegetables, Bread, and Desserts). Users can set the time and temperature when using the air fryer. With just a simple tap on display, you can also enable the preheat and keep warm functions to start cooking. By using Thermo IQ Technology, the smart air fryer achieves more precise temperature control and hot air circulation to avoid burnt or undercooked food.

With the 100-recipes cookbook included and COSORI’s online recipe library, you can get your cravings fixed effortlessly. For additional peace of mind, the air fryer features a dishwasher-safe, detachable, and non-stick basket, allowing users to clean it easier and quicker.  

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COSORI Dual Blazer 6.4L Smart Air Fryer (Model: CAF-P583S)

The COSORI Dual Blazer 6.4L Smart Air Fryer redefined the way to air frying with the patented 360 ThermoIQ™ Technology. This smart feature allows users to cook food thoroughly in less time without having to shake or flip as it can provide precise temperature control, ensuring food can always be cooked evenly with a crispy texture. This air fryer comes with a larger capacity of 6.4L square basket that can fit up to 17 chicken wings and cook evenly without having to stack them on the top.

Boast with a premium pure aluminum basket to enhance heat storage and conducting efficiency, The COSORI Dual Blazer 6.4L Smart Air Fryer delivers better-tasting food in less time. With just one touch, users can simply press the icons on the air fryer to start cooking and even customized the coking functions (Air Fry, Bake, Broil, Roast, Chicken, Steak, Seafood, Veggies, Fries, Frozen, Keep Warm and Reheat Function) with their preferred time and temperature. Featured with the heating elements up and down, the smart air fryer can bake, broil and roast besides air frying.

Users can also download the Vesync App to control the air fryer remotely, monitor cooking progress, and activate voice control with Google Assistant for an effortless cooking experience. This model also comes with a non-stick basket and crisper plate that are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

“Our belief is that a healthy, homemade meal should not be sacrificed to a busy schedule. As a brand specializing in small kitchen appliances, COSORI aims to develop smart and user-friendly products. With the introduction of the new models of COSORI Air Fryers, we want our consumers to enjoy revolutionized cooking experience so that everyone can cook like a pro,” said Oscar Mei, Director of COSORI Southeast Asia.

The models are listed in the below table: 

Model Capacity RRP (RM)* Promotion Price (RM)**
CP158- AF 5.5L 499 449
CAF-P583S 6.4L 809 699

Great news to all Malaysians! COSORI is having exciting promotions for its smart air fryers. Consumers can get the COSORI Premium 5.5-Litre Air Fryer (Model: CP158- AF) at only RM 449 (RRP: 499) and the COSORI Dual Blazer 6.4L Smart Air Fryer (Model: CAF-P583S) at only RM 699 (RRP:809) from now till 31 July 2022. 

Other than that, COSORI is also giving out a free* apron for every purchase of the COSORI air fryer only on 10 July during Shopee Banner Day Special (limited to the first 100 buyers only).
Hurry up and head over to COSORI Official Store on Shopee to grab the promotions!

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