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Waste water tastes like “beer” — Singaporean brand launches new beer, NeBrew

by Grace Sundram

The pee or urine utilised is processed waste water from Singapore sewers that has passed safety and cleanliness tests and is provided byNeBrew. NeBrew has been providing Singapore with fresh water needs for the past 20 years.

NeBrew is renowned for its extensive cleaning procedure that results in drinkable water.

“Getting public support is crucial because it shows that people believe (NeBrew) water is pure. even though it was sewage-related. The goal is to inform people that the water is secure because we have conducted the necessary tests, according to Ryan Yuen, director of Singapore International Water Week (SIWW).


Ninety-five percent of NewBrew is created using NeBrew, which is then processed with fine German barley malt, aromatic Calypso hops, and a Norwegian house yeast called Kveik. The yeast strains, hops, and malt tastes that the brewer carefully monitors during beer production are not contaminated by NeBrew. NeBrew, according to NDTV, has a honey-like aftertaste.

The national water agency of Singapore, PUB, along with the brewery Brewerkz, released this product on April 8 in conjunction with the SIWW water conference.

This product supports the recycling and reuse movement for a more environmentally responsible way of life. Ryan Yuen claims that Newbrew is currently the “greenest beer.”


PUB wants to raise awareness of Singapore’s water crisis through this product.

The first beer brewed from sewage was not Newbrew. In 2017, the beer brand Stone Brewing released Stone Full Circle Pale Ale, a beverage made from wastewater distillation.

Feature image by Vantage ID

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