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Heineken® introduces star quality experience with immersive event & crowns Star Bartender of 2022

by Grace Sundram

Staying true to its core brewing principles that consistently make the perfect first sip of Heineken® beer, Heineken Malaysia Berhad (HEINEKEN Malaysia) brought its consumers on an immersive journey through the Heineken® Star Quality Experience, held over the weekend in The Square, Publika, Kuala Lumpur. The Star Quality Experience was elevated with the return of the Heineken® Star Academy finale, a nationwide contest in search of its Star Quality National Champion.

Heineken Star Academy Runner-Up - Oscar Yong (Johor)

Returning after two years, the Heineken® Star Academy announced seven finalists from various bars across the nation racing for the coveted top spot. Through this programme, participants and aspiring Star Bartenders underwent Star Quality training in mastering the art of bartending and the iconic Heineken® Star Serve.

All seven finalists hailing from different regions nationwide were present at the grand finale. Ultimately, Vickson Leong from Speakeasy Bar & Kitchen, Ipoh, Perak, was named the Heineken® Star Bartender of 2022. Apart from bringing home the coveted title, Leong also walked away with a three-day, two-night all-expenses-paid trip to Langkawi, alongside a host of other prizes.

Crowning of Heineken Star Quality National Champion

“It is truly an honour to be crowned the Heineken®’s Star Quality National Champion tonight. I am very happy and excited to receive this recognition after all our months of training. It has been such a great experience – I want to thank all of our trainers in the Star Academy, as well as all the other finalists who pushed me to become better and deliver that Star Quality that Heineken® is looking for,” Vickson Leong shares.

Star Brewery Maze - A Yeast Room

Apart from crowning its latest Star Quality National Champion, the finale was held amidst the Heineken® Star Quality Experience at the same location, where invited guests and trade partners were treated to a walkthrough of the Heineken® Star Brewery to see for themselves Heineken®’s five fundamental Star Brewing Principles. Here, guests walked through an experiential maze to see, smell and touch all the components behind brewing the perfect Heineken®.

Star Brewery Maze - Hops Room

Taking them through the experience were Heineken® experts who highlighted the importance of using only the best ingredients and unique brewing process, i.e. its unique horizontal brewing process, special A-yeast, and more. Moreover, the journey ended with the Heineken® Star Bar, leading guests to try their hand at a perfect pour! When the journey concluded, each guest was served a pint with a photo-taking session to commemorate the first drink of the night.

Take the First Sip Campaign

Star Brewery Maze - Barley Room

At the Star Quality Experience, guests were treated to an exclusive preview of the upcoming ‘Take the First Sip’ campaign happening in the next two months.

Star Brewery Maze - Horizontal Brewing Room

The Take the First Sip campaign puts the spotlight on Heineken®’s brewing principles, all of which are crucial in ensuring that each glass of a Heineken® always delivers on the most refreshing first sip.

Star Brewery Maze - Horizonal Brewing Room (2)

Beyond that, Heineken® will bring to life a series of refreshing experiences including the revival of nightlife and a month-long takeover of a special venue. Consumers can stay tuned for more updates on these activities, guaranteed to provide memories that they can truly look forward to – all beginning with one refreshing first sip of Heineken®.

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