Home Highlight 5.5: Grab the perfect Mother’s Day gift at nearly half the price

5.5: Grab the perfect Mother’s Day gift at nearly half the price

by Grace Sundram

Roborock, the makers of intelligent home robots, is offering up to 50% off its products on 5 May for its Shopee 5.5 Mega Day Sale, including the newly launched Roborock Q7 Max.

With up to 50% off, where the Roborock Q7 Max will go for as low as just RM 1,899, this is one sale customers don’t want to miss out on! The deals are available exclusively via the brand’s official store on Shopee

Additionally, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so the perfect gift for Mother’s Day is a vacuum that does the job on its own; a Roborock!

Model RRP 5.5 Sale
Roborock Q7 Max RM4,399 RM1,899
Roborock S7 MaxV RM6,799 RM3,099
Roborock S7 RM2,399 RM2,099
Roborock S7+ RM9,599 RM3,899
Roborock Dyad RM5,999 RM1,899
Roborock Auto Empty Dock RM2,399 RM2,099
Roborock S6 MaxV RM2,299 RM1,999
Roborock S6 Pure RM1,799 RM1,599
Roborock H7 RM1,699 RM1,499


Launched last month, the Roborock Q7 Max is the brand’s latest addition to the company’s premium Q model lineup. It is equipped with suction power up to 4200 PA which is able to drag dirt hiding in carpets and lift off debris hiding in floorboard cracks. The twin cleaning power allowed the vacuum and mop in Q7 Max can simultaneously mop off fine dirt that vacuuming alone might miss. Besides, the PreciSense LiDAR system – the brains behind Roborock Q7 Max’s extraordinary ability to find the most efficient way to clean throughout home. The maps it creates power a suite of features controlled in the Roborock app.

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