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The Levi’s® Fresh Collection for Spring/Summer 2022 is now accessible

by Grace Sundram

Nostalgia has frequently brought styles from the past back into the spotlight. Fresh Produce was Levi’s collection from the 1970s that was inspired by, well, produce. And, because nature never goes out of style, Levi’s decided to bring it back, although with a modern (pun intended) twist. Levi’s Fresh for Spring/Summer 2022 is a gorgeous assortment of coloured favourites that puts the world first, with colours drawn from natural sources like as plants and botanicals. So be ready to fill your closet with clothes that are a loving homage to the earth! Unwrap it for all of its fun and fresh sweetness underneath.


The collection offers everything you choose! It’s designed to be worn in monochromatic head-to-toe outfits or mixed and matched. These outfits are universally appealing and can be worn anywhere: at home, outdoors, for a leisurely breakfast, or for a strong semi-professional appearance at the office.


While neons and fluorescents never fail to attract our attention, they’re usually obtained and splattered at the expense of the environment. To put an end to this immoral practice, Levi’s has introduced a new range called Levi’s Fresh, which not only looks great but also feels great! What’s more, what’s more, what’s more, what’s more All of the colours used in Levi’s Fresh are derived from non-endangered or non-threatened plants, such as madder root extract and natural indigo, agricultural byproducts, such as food waste, and minerals, such as clays, carbonates, and natural oxides.

Levi’s Fresh is a stylish approach to illustrate how far the firm has progressed in terms of ecologically sustainable production processes. It’s changing the game for the better, and if you’re looking to invest in a brand that’s long-term on all fronts, look no further.

Karyn Hillman, Chief Product Officer at Levi’s Strauss & C says, “We are excited to debut our Levi’s Fresh collection, a vibrant mix of super soft tees, fleece, and denim made with natural dyes and water-saving techniques. Taking inspiration from our archives, we infused each piece with youthful energy borrowed from the original ‘70s Levi’s Fresh Produce line. It’s a fun, plant and mineral-based, planet-friendly collection rooted in essentials and infinitely covetable. ”

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