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Make sure to include Chanel’s chicest tinted lip balm to your shopping cart

by Grace Sundram

Chanel completes the La Pausa SS22 range with new tinted lip balms after launching many goods such as eyeshadow, blush, and nail polish. This tinted lip balm, dubbed Rouge Coco Baume, aims to hydrate and cure lips. Here’s all you need to know about it, which comes in a beautiful and simple white case:


It contains Olive Oleoactive ingredients, which are exclusively harvested from 100-year-old olive trees on Sardinia’s island. On top of that, it is also believed to be rich in polyphenols and omega-9 which are antioxidants that are needed to maintain lip moisture.

A trial of tinted lip balm was conducted on 21 women by Chanel Research. Lips were instantaneously moisturised in this trial and remained hydrated for up to 8 hours. You wouldn’t believe it but their lips were supple and did not crack even after 28 days.


It’s fascinating to note that simply using this tinted lip balm will keep your lips hydrated all day. Featuring different shades, it’s perfect for your everyday life — especially if you have a busy day. There’s the simple Dreamy White, Natural Charm, Flirty Coral, My Rose, In Love, Passion Pink and Fall For Me and it costs RM 146.00 each which is pretty reasonable despite it being a renowned brand.

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Simply apply a swipe from the bullet itself and know that the Rouge Coco Baume can be used alone or in combination with other colours to brighten or accentuate your cosmetic appearance. To create a more natural and diffused look, just use your finger to blur the edges of your lips.


With just one stroke, you can add a delicate pop of colour to your face. But if you’re looking for something lipstick-like that also can help moisturised your lips all day, then at least three swipes would do.

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