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You can now have affordable dinner with a whole bird of roast chicken along with sides for only RM39.99

by Grace Sundram

It might be difficult to decide what to eat, especially when you’re eating dinner with your entire family. You may simply want to do something nice for them, but it might be impossible to keep up with something that would cater to everyone’s tastes.

One thing about my family is that we are avid roast chicken fans who would eat it at least once a week — even on weekends.  Growing up in my neighbourhood, the people around me were definitely fond of that one particular bakery that is located at the corner of the block in the SS6 area, and it’s pretty much a staple for most of us to get our daily dose of fresh-baked pastries, bread, and what may come as a surprise to most of us — The Baker’s Cottage offers a whole roasted chicken at a fairly affordable price.

Roasted Chicken

Not only were their prices affordable, but it was also surprising to learn how they were able to compete with the rest of their competitors.

The Baker’s Cottage turns out to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leong Hup International Bhd’s regional poultry producer and is a well-known fast-restaurant chain. For the unfamiliar, LHI is one of Malaysia’s major chicken farm owners, indicating how simple it would be to acquire raw chicken right from the farm.

Despite the fact that the poultry business has faced substantial setbacks since the pandemic, TBC understands the present food price inflation and has developed these packages to help customers cope. Sliced cakes

TBC’s farm-to-plate strategy not only saves money but also ensures that the birds are fresh and of the greatest quality.

On top of that, the bakery is also specialised in the production and distribution of bakery goods such as buns and pastries, cakes, egg tarts, and its famed mooncakes. Over the years, TBC has established itself as a trustworthy brand, particularly for its mooncake goods.

Recently, TBC had launched its most current value-for-money combo packs. The new combo costs RM39.99 and serves 3-4 people. It contains 1 whole roast chicken, 2 bowls of rice, 4 Macau Egg Tarts, 2 Sliced Cakes, and an 11.5L Coke Bottle.

Combo Set_photo 1

As I previously stated, it is evident to us how TBC could provide such affordable rates for the roasted chicken, which has long been a TBC favourite and is presently priced at RM14.99 per bird, providing consumers with great value, quality, and convenience.

The whole bird, which is available in BBQ and black pepper flavours, is 53 percent less expensive than its nearest competitor and 67 percent less expensive than a popular fried chicken business in Malaysia.

My personal favourite would have to be the black pepper roast chicken, which not only has a more complex flavour profile than the standard BBQ roast chicken, but it’s also a lot juicier. Plus, the skin part is my favourite too. It’s neither too soggy nor too crispy. And, despite the fact that it is inexpensive, TBC has never compromised on flavour, unlike some other places where you could find the meat a little dry and lacking in seasoning.

However, if you’re placing an order, get some soup on the side as well, just to mellow the dish a little bit. Otherwise, it’ll be too dry for you. Unless you think eating rice and chicken with garlic chilli sauce is enough for you, then go ahead.

Macau Egg Tarts

The Macau Egg Tarts are another favourite of mine; not only are they flaky and light, but you can taste the fragrant baked custard with the top burned to perfection with a torch burner.

Have I piqued your interest yet? If that’s the case, you should certainly check out The Baker’s Cottage’s newest combo sets, which are designed to help pandemic-affected consumers.

One combination package includes the main dish, pastries, desserts, and water. You don’t have to go from one restaurant or café to the next to get dinner sorted anymore.


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