Home Highlight SHARP M’sia offers total and robust living solutions that will fulfil the varying needs of new norm lifestyle

SHARP M’sia offers total and robust living solutions that will fulfil the varying needs of new norm lifestyle

by Grace Sundram

With Malaysia now transitioning to the endemic phase, Malaysians’ lifestyle and habits are expected to modify gradually to adapt to the new normal – which for some may not be ‘new’ anymore. Recognising the constant changes to new lifestyles, Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (SHARP) is staying true as the leading consumer electronics and home appliances market player to introduce their latest New Norm Living Solutions line-up encompassing kitchen storage solutions, audio-visual home entertainment systems, air purification and clothes sterilisation appliances.

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Following the launch of the New Norm Living Solutions in November 2021, SHARP returns to unveil their latest products under this umbrella to help Malaysians adapt to a seamless post-pandemic lifestyle. These products are now available at all SHARP’s official authorised retailers stores across Malaysia, where they are easily identifiable through its dedicated ‘New Norm’ logo stickers.


Mr. Ting Yang Chung, Managing Director of SHARP Malaysia mentioned that for years, SHARP is widely known for their unique, innovative technology that contributes to the culture, benefits and welfare of people globally. They listen and understand what the consumers truly need especially in this new normal, thoroughly researching and innovating comprehensive living solutions for Malaysians that are user-friendly, accessible yet sustainable for years to come. 

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“In the past two years, the world has seen so many unexpected changes and we now have different expectations for our lifestyle now. The pandemic has changed not only our lifestyles, but has affected consumers’ purchasing markets across ASEAN. For example, people may not have too much spare time to enjoy movies or TV shows before, or  never considered having air purifying or sterilising appliances at home till now! Home cooking has also become quite a familiar activity in addition to stockpiling of food, or storing more disinfectant equipment at home is now an essential chore,” said Mr Ting. 


“Hence, at SHARP, we constantly innovate solutions to help consumers address these challenges today. As we understand our customers more and what they need in this new norm, we observed that this has become something very crucial to their lifestyle as people are getting used to the idea of staying at home most of the time.” 

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The New Norm Living Solutions are specially designed to cater to consumers’ needs and preferences in what they truly need at home to experience a comfortable living environment. The key products include AQUOS THE SCENES 4K Android TV that will enable a safe and visually-stunning home entertainment experience for the users; Pelican 2 Door Refrigerator, the largest freezer in the market; the user-friendly and hassle-free maintenance oven, Mechanical Dial Flatbed Microwave Oven; 4 in 1love Pro-Flex Front Load Washer Dryer features the industry-leading technology that can eliminate germs and bacteria within 10 mins; Plasmacluster Air Purifier with AIoT and more. 

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“With these products, we are not only introducing a comprehensive solution to meet consumers’ needs, but also designed a total solution that is flexible and able to navigate circumstances along the way, as we believe that the new normal we are living right now will eventually become a normal habit down the road,” Mr. Ding further elaborated.

With the strong determination to retain its position as the No. 1 Japanese brand in Malaysia, SHARP’s growth strategy for the future is supported by a strong market presence and plans to leverage further on business partnerships or co-branding of new businesses or products. These will diversify and expand SHARP’s brand presence and portfolio to better serve the evolving needs of customers.


“As a brand who cares and constantly diversifies to serve the better, New Norm Living Solutions is a stepping stone for us to be closer with the nation and provide them with the most ideal solutions at any time, for any situation.”   

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