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Murder & Thriller Mystery: 6 shows that will knock you off your seat

by Grace Sundram

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of discovering the truth behind a mysterious fictional crime. It’s no surprise that many people enjoy the mystery and thriller genres, which involve putting together a web of clues only to be stunned by an unexpected twist at the end.

Here’s a list of six shows on Disney+ Hotstar that will take you through a very fascinating mental challenge to solve the crime’s enigma.



Featuring breathtaking twists and turns, countless cliffhangers, and an all-star cast from start to finish, this newest Korean series on Disney+ Hotstar follows a group of people tracking down a mysterious figure only known as “the Ghost,” who once saved mankind from a crisis but has now reappeared as an accomplice to murder.  with new episodes releasing every Wednesday.



Fighting off highly-skilled assassins is just another day in the life of Shido Genba, the director of the Counter Terrorist Unit. Faced with a top-secret mission to protect a politician who could make history to be the first female prime minister if elected, follow along with this chaos-filled Japanese adaptation of the American TV series, 24, available on Disney+ Hotstar.



What happens when a successful news anchor is accused of murdering her ex-lover, whose estranged husband then steps in to defend her innocence in court? Find out when you stream this drama-filled 16-episode series, starring award-winning actors Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee.



If you’re looking for something more light-hearted, this one’s for you. After a suspicious death happens in their exclusive apartment building, three strangers, played by Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short, go on a mission to unravel the truth – all documented on their own true-crime podcast. As the three work together to unravel the complex secrets behind the building, all while hiding the truth from one another, they soon come to realize that a killer might be living amongst them. Catch the first season of this comedic mystery exclusively on Disney+ Hotstar.



If solving cases involving humans seem like a piece of cake, try uncovering the truth behind unsolved cases involving the supernatural world. From alien abductions to shape-shifting beasts, The X-Files follows two special agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), who have opposite beliefs on the existence of the paranormal, as they work together to navigate through some of the most mind-bending cases. Starring Golden Globe Award-winning actors, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, all 9 seasons of this TV series, along with its full-length feature film and six-episode event series, are sure to give you eerie chills.



For fans of TV series revolving around crime, this well-loved series needs no introduction. Follow along with an elite squad of FBI profilers as they get into the minds of twisted criminals convicted of the most heinous crimes. If you can’t get enough from 15 seasons of the original series, be sure to add its two spinoffs – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders – to your watchlist.

 Malaysians can stream their favourite shows and films now by subscribing to the service directly at DisneyPlusHotstar.my or via the Disney+ Hotstar app on Android and iOS devices, for RM54.90 for three months*.

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