Home Highlight Top home makeover company introduces new time-limited “Seriously Cereal” interior design theme

Top home makeover company introduces new time-limited “Seriously Cereal” interior design theme

by Grace Sundram

The Makeover Guys (TMOG), Malaysia’s top home makeover service provider, has unveiled new visual identities in its rebranding initiative to represent TMOG’s endeavor in improving the quality of its products and services. The rebranding is also accompanied by the launch of its time-limited interior design theme “Seriously Cereal” that will only be available for customers until 30th April 2022. 

Seriously Cereal Visuals - Living Room Area 2

Since its launch in 2015, TMOG has helped over 4,000 homeowners to transform their homes into designer-furnished units through smart renovation, a formula that balances both the aesthetics and practicality of an interior space. The company’s budget-friendly services have consistently helped property investors achieve a high rental rate and yield for their units. Additionally, TMOG offers an “instagrammable” makeover design for own-stay homeowners at an affordable rate. TMOG is also known for its hassle-free refurbishment process which is benchmarked at a 30-day timeline as compared to months for other makeover companies.

Seriously Cereal Visuals - Bedroom

TMOG’s rebranding exercise will include a new logo that features a fun and approachable mascot that aims to appeal to the brand’s young and vibrant homeowners. More than that, yellow has been selected as the new hero colour to represent the company. Through the mascot, color and the brand new visual identities, TMOG is embodying a brand approach that is creative, design-driven, fun and quirky.

“Our services and products  have always been designed to reflect The Makeover Guys as a trustworthy and affordable home makeover company. Moreover, we have also prioritised a tech-driven and hassle-free experience through our platform’s customer experience (CX) design. As we gain more credibility in the industry through a growing pool of customers, the company needed a new image to illustrate our ability to innovate and adapt to change, especially during the post-pandemic period,” said Gavin Liew, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of The Makeover Guys.

Seriously Organic with ‘Seriously Cereal’

Seriously Cereal Visuals - Furnitures

In conjunction with the rebranding initiative, TMOG is introducing its limited edition “Seriously Cereal” interior design theme, which is inspired by the natural and organic elements in its design. The design theme draws emphasis on the nude palette and warm hues which are currently on the rise with global interior styling trends.

Seriously Cereal’s interior design theme welcomes homeowners into a world of comfort and relaxation. Adorned with organic elements and nude colors, it is a perfect design for individuals who prioritise their well-being and the environment. 

Seriously Cereal Visuals - Work Area

Seriously Cereal embodies colour tones that include brown tones from cereals, beige tones from pampas grass and earthy colours. At the same time, TMOG also incorporated plenty of organic and funky-shaped furniture as a quirky twist that exemplifies TMOG’s branding.

Homeowners who opt for the Seriously Cereal design theme will expect the refurbishment of their feature wall, furniture, decoration, flooring, bed and bedding, curtain, kitchen and cabinetry, and lighting and fans. 

Seriously Cereal Visuals - Dining Area

“By observing global trends, we have noticed that interior styling is leaning towards more inclusive colour palettes and future-forward designs. Moving forward, The Makeover Guys will focus on innovating design themes that are gender-neutral, wellness-focused and green conscious. As people are growing to be more connected to nature, this change of lifestyle will be accompanied by the preference for people to disconnect from daily distractions and retreat into a safe space that celebrates the simple things in life,” Gavin added.

Seriously Cereal is set to become an exciting addition to TMOG’s arsenal of interior design themes that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical for contemporary homeowners. The other design themes available include Odette, Symphony, Bold Latte, Muji, Executive, Urban Zen, Minimalist Grey and Urban Chic.

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