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Here’s an alternative method for making mashed potatoes

by Grace Sundram

When we go to KFC, we must order anything other than chicken, mashed potatoes, or mashed potatoes. We are quite unsatisfied with the flavour of the creamy potatoes.

Why not try making your own mashed potatoes this time? Only then will you be able to eat to your heart’s delight. Use the recipe that we’d like to provide.

The only thing that makes this dish special is that you may replace conventional raw potatoes with potato chips from various brands such as Lays, Mr Potato, or Pringles.

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This potato mash dish with potato chips quickly spread when it was shared by a TikTok user last year. The preparation time is also short since you don’t have to wait for soft potatoes for an extended period of time; it’s the same as using raw potatoes.


To create mashed potatoes, just substitute potato chips for ordinary potatoes and soak them in boiling water until soft. The potatoes should next be mashed as normal.

Then, add the milk and cream and mix until smooth. If you want additional cream, you may add cheese. It doesn’t matter about salt because potato chips are already salty.

If you want to add other ingredients such as parsley, you can follow your taste and wishes. Can refer to the TikTok video shared by samthecookingguy to understand more.

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