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Beauty Hack: The cloud skin seems to be the new beauty trend for this year

by Grace Sundram

Many people are talking about the cloud skin trend right now. Unlike glass skin or dewy skin, the cloud skin style emphasises a natural-looking softer and glowy make-up. Do you want to learn how to create cloud skin trends? Let’s take a look then.

Step 1: Keep the skin moisturised at all times.


The most vital thing! Make sure your skin is consistently moisturised before applying makeup.

Begin by applying a moisturiser to your face and spreading it evenly. Then, to mask open pores and make the make-up result more attractive and long-lasting, apply a primer.

Step 2: Using Foundation correctly


The foundation is the second step. Starting from the centre of your face is the right and best approach to apply foundation.
Using a brush or sponge, dab or press foundation evenly all over the face. Follow your instincts.

Step 3: The importance of applying Finishing Powder


Use a finishing powder to produce a smoother and more glowy finish all over the face after flawlessly blending the foundation.

Apply the finishing powder to the bridge of the nose, the inner corners of the eyes, the centre of the forehead, the hairline, and the jawline.

Step 4: Apply a finishing touch with a Highlighter and Blush


If you don’t want your face to seem pale and dreary, don’t forget to add a highlighter and blush.

Apply a peach-coloured blush from the cheekbones to the outer corners of the eyes. Finally, apply a highlighter to your cheekbones.

It’s all set! It’s simple, and this trend is ideal for those with oily or mixed complexion.

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