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Stream the brand new ‘HITZ Tonight with Keanu and Ili’ from 8pm – 12am

by Grace Sundram

HITZ FM introduces the brand new ‘HITZ Tonight with Keanu and Ili’ featuring an energetic pair: Ili Ruzanna, a new HITZ announcer with a versatile personality, together with familiar voice behind the microphone, Keanu Azman from 10 January, Mondays to Fridays at 8pm till 12am on HITZ. Fans can also stream ‘HITZ Tonight with Keanu and Ili’ anywhere on the SYOK app.

Fans can enjoy the new segment line-up on ‘HITZ Tonight with Keanu and Ili’, including:


  • Hitz Tonight’s Hottest 5 on weekdays, where fans can vote for their favourite songs on HITZ Instagram from 3pm to 7pm, and the top 5 songs will be played on HITZ from 8 to 8.30pm.
  • Would You Rather? on weekdays at 9pm, fans will get to interact with Keanu and Ili for a question or poll that will be posted on HITZ Instagram from 8pm.
  • Hitz Tuition on weekdays at 10pm, where fans will get a chance to call and share their homework with Keanu and Ili, both will help to complete and provide solutions.
  • Ask Ili on weekdays at 10.30pm, where Ili will open up a session with fans to ask about anything that people have always wondered about.
  • Hitz Tonight Takeover on weekdays at 11pm, for fans can call in and request for songs, that Keanu and Ili will play.

Priya Prabakaran, Network Content Manager, Astro Radio, said, “We remain committed to working with local talents and providing them with more opportunities on our platforms. We are excited to welcome Ili to the HITZ FM family and we hope listeners enjoy the refreshed ‘HITZ Tonight with Keanu and Ili’, every weekday, from 8pm.

About Ili Ruzanna (Instagram: @helloitsili)

A versatile radio announcer, singer and songwriter who taught herself to play the piano. Ili has been known for keeping Malaysians entertained while listening to the radio in the mornings and nights. She’s passionate about music and loves to interact with people on TikTok. Ili is also a self-proclaimed ‘TikToker’.

About Keanu Azman (Instagram: @keanuazman)

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A post shared by Keanu Azman (@keanuazman)

A natural voice behind the microphone and in front of a camera, Keanu Azman is best known for his late-night shows on HITZ FM. Keanu calls himself Uncle Millennial, because he prefers crying to romantic comedies and tv shows during his free time rather than hanging out. He is also the kind of guy who would dance like nobody is watching in a room full of people.


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