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This Chinese student did a social experiment on what it’s like to be a rich socialite

by Grace Sundram


In China, a female art student recently performed a social experiment on the lives of the socialites. She carried out the social experiment as part of her Final Year Project.

For the last 21 days, a student called Zou Yaqi has managed to live in Beijing as a socialite for free.

Zou was able to acquire nice meals, stay in beautiful hotels, and access VIP lounges and hotel facilities. Everything is free if you act like a socialite.

However, Zou is not a ‘scammer’. The 23 -year -old said it was all just one of the demands of her final year project, where she had to record her experience and showcase the results of her final year project at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

Zou has also shared some of her ‘experimental’ video clips related to how she managed to get free snacks at fancy malls and restaurants, tried on designer clothes, slept in luxury airport lounges and hotel lobbies and tried on jade bracelets at one of the famous shops.

It’s simple to look like a socialite. To begin, your wardrobe must appear ‘extravagant, posh’ and you must wear phoney jewellery, along with Hermès bags, and, most significantly, crimson lipstick.

Zou went on to say that she pretended to be one of the socialites in order to figure out how to survive in society.

She added, “They would always treat these rich-looking individuals/groups nicely.”

She even snuck into the airport’s VIP club and stayed there for three days using a fake identity and boarding ticket, despite the fact that the time restriction was only three hours.

During the 21 days of her experiment, she ate from the lounge buffet and slept on the lounge sofa while showering and getting dressed. She certainly utilised public restrooms in luxury hotels for bathing and getting ready.

Many towns from all across the world have expressed interest in this connection. There were a few people who were enthusiastic about her project. Some, however, referred to Zou as a “false socialite” who took advantage of the services offered.

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