Home Highlight Abang Viva deserves praise for assisting flood victims at this trying time

Abang Viva deserves praise for assisting flood victims at this trying time

by Grace Sundram

The name Azwan Omar or better known as ‘Abang Viva’ is now hovering on social media because of his kind attitude who is willing to come down from Melaka to Selangor to help flood victims who are in trouble.

Armed with only RM50 and a boat that he owns, Azwan’s story got a lot of attention until he was called a ‘Flood Hero’.

After completing an aid mission in a state, he is on to the next.

Due to his efforts in helping the flood victims despite facing financial and other constraints, netizens want Azwan to be appointed as an icon or given the title ‘Datuk’ as a sign of appreciation.

The Melaka State Assembly (DUN) also congratulated and paid tribute to Abang Viva.


Melaka Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Sulaiman Md Ali, when presenting the Melaka State Budget 2022 said, he was touched by the action of the machine operator who was willing to take leave from his employer to overcome difficulties to save flood victims in the state.

“What makes us proud is that he went there using a (Perodua) Viva car and brought a boat on its roof with only RM50, which is RM20 used to refuel the car and RM30 to buy food to cover his stomach.


Some also called Azwan as the Statesman for this year because of the service provided to those in need without recognizing the meaning of fatigue.


In the meantime, the Melaka Chief Minister also announced that the state government has allocated RM200,000 to buy boats to be used in the mission to rescue flood victims in the state in preparation for disasters in the future.


He, who represented the state government, also sympathized and expressed his sorrow over the recent floods that hit the country, causing several states to be inundated and their people in need of immediate assistance.

The state government also provided one-off assistance by opening an SSPN-I account worth RM150 for each new baby born, from 12 midnight last night to 11.59 tonight.

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