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Protect your cars from the flood by wrapping it up with large plastic bags

by Grace Sundram

The actions of Thai citizens who wrapped cars in giant plastic bags and secured them with ropes in high points to prevent flood damage have piqued the public’s interest.

2021 will undoubtedly be remembered as the year when this flash flood disaster destroyed Malaysia, including the state of Selangor, which is known as the rich and highly populated state.

With all of the flooding in the country, folks living in flood-prone regions who are concerned about potential damage to their automobiles may want to consider enclosing their vehicles in a plastic bag to preserve their rides.

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The product is known as flood bags, and it is sold in such a way that the impermeable features of this product safeguard the automobiles that are using them. But in order to prevent it from floating away, you most probably would need to anchor your car as well.

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According to the nine-second video posted on social media by @fensyilegacy, car owners in Thailand appear to have several people wrapping their cars with giant plastic bags and tying them with ropes in high spots.


It’s important, especially if you live in a tropical country where floods or other natural disasters are inevitable, to plan ahead of time and organise things to limit the impact and avoid damage.


With the current monsoon season, it was understandable why flood bags had slipped under the radar. Flood-related water damage can be quite expensive.  Repairs might potentially cost tens of thousands depending on the car’s type and model.


There were times when we expected that we would be given adequate warning of rising water, and if that had been the case, and if “flood bags” had been something we all took seriously, we would have gone through the trouble of encasing our rides with these waterproof bags.


This time, though, things were different, and the calamity struck Malaysians abruptly. So, even if some of us had devised a more sensible strategy for safeguarding our assets, it would have been futile since this is what we are presently experiencing in real time.

Pictures by Carsome & Shopee

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