Home Beauty Ever wonder why do you always wake up with an oily face?

Ever wonder why do you always wake up with an oily face?

by Grace Sundram

There’s a reason why you still have an oily face when you wake up. To begin with, there are several variables that cause the face to become oily, and this is a rare occurrence.

Internal causes, including genetics, may be the cause for people who frequently experience it. So, here are some of the reasons why your face turns greasy when you wake up.

Hormone changes


Hormonal changes are partly to blame for the greasy appearance of the skin after waking up. Hormones encourage the oil glands in the skin to create more oil when this situation develops.

The production of this excess oil can be influenced by hormonal changes such as stress, menstrual cycle and also other factors such as humid weather.

When you sleep in an overly hot environment, it affects the state of your skin and body, causing you to sweat. When the body sweats, the face spontaneously creates oil at the same time.

Use Unsuitable Skincare


Every one of us has a unique skin type. It is best to avoid using skincare with moisturising elements if you have oily skin.

This is due to the material’s suitability for those with dry skin. As a result, if you use the improper skin care products, your face will create a lot of oil.

You don’t wash your face before bed


Coming back from work tired tend to make most of us pretty exhausted and lazy to do anything especially when it comes to cleansing the face and removing the make-up. We are all guilty of going to bed with a full day of makeup on our face and that’s one of the reasons why your face is oily in the morning. Stick to your skincare routine religiously and you can avoid acne and blackheads at all costs.

Hair Not Cleaned Properly


The last cause of an oily face after waking up might be related to improper hair care.

When you apply conditioner and do not thoroughly clean it, the residue might adhere to your face as you sleep. As a result, the skin of the face becomes greasy, with acne and irritation.

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