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BenQ GW2785TC Eye Care Monitor is perfect for those who are working from home

by Grace Sundram

When talking about my daily life, things can get a bit hectic especially when you’re part of the media industry. Now with pandemics and such, it’s a bit hard to manage things because most of us rarely meet in person anymore.

It has taken quite a drastic change in my working style, now everything has shifted virtually. So, instead of brainstorming ideas or coming with creative directions in a physical meeting room, here we are doing things digitally now.

And it’s for this reason that the BenQ GW2785TC Eye Care Monitor is the ideal option, not only for folks like myself but for everyone. Now that we have to gaze at a screen for a few hours a day, this fantastic monitor is particularly created for Young Professionals & Young Adults working from home, which is a true blessing.


The GW2785TC has a 27-inch screen with eye care technology, and it can be simply linked to laptops, tablets and computers as an external display, allowing Young Adults and parents to relieve eye tiredness and stay focused when studying or working at home.

I like how anyone may use this without experiencing neck or back problems because the height can be readily changed for a better angle viewing experience for everyone. If you wish to tilt, rotate, or even swivel the screen, you actually can as it comes with height adjustment features such as tilting it up and down (-5˚ – 20˚), swivel left and right 45˚/ 45˚ and Pivot 90˚.


It has a function called Brightness Intelligence, which eliminates headaches and eye strain. A light sensor detects ambient light as well as the brightness and contrast of the screen content.

Furthermore, Low Blue Light Plus is a filter that helps to filter any harmful blue light while keeping the colours as vibrant as ever.

Besides, because it simply comprises a USB-C connection, there is no more difficulty with plugging in and out with so many cables. Simply attach it to your laptop and presto, you have a larger screen on which to work on all of your creative endeavours. It also includes a cable delivery system for speedier transmission!

On top of that, aside from the USB C ( PD 60W, Display Port Alt Mode, Data), the GW2785TC also provides HDMI 1.4 x1 and Display Port 1.2 x1 so you are able to connect with more devices and switch amongst it easily.

As I said, I have most meetings online and my surroundings tend to be noisy. However, this monitor is a dream come true by keeping the whole pro-look on as it has a Microphone With Noise Cancellation. The built-in noise-cancelling microphone filters the ambient sound so the audio from my end has more clarity. Simply touch on and mute as well as adjust the noise cancellation setting from low to high.

Furthermore, the BenQ GW2785TC includes a built-in 2Wx2 speaker, allowing you to hold meetings with the GW2785TC’s microphone input and speaker output, eliminating the need to spend extra money on a speaker and microphone for your productive work or meetings.

And if you want to change the mode, there are three available on this monitor itself namely Coding, Care and Reading!

Since monitors now ship with multiple video inputs, many people use the same monitor for their PC, consoles, and set-top streaming boxes. If that monitor has good speakers, audio from all of those devices gets a quality boost and can be enjoyed in one place. Also, controlling audio for different devices becomes simpler if it all passes through the monitor. No need to make adjustments on each source, but rather only on the monitor.

Lastly, Color Weakness Mode is BenQ’s unique option to help people who suffer from weak to moderate colour blindness in everyday life. Color Weakness Mode is a filter that enables users with colour deficiency to distinguish colours easier when using the monitors, particularly within some photos, maps or statistic charts.

Why did BenQ design the Color Weakness Mode?

Well, since technology plays an important role in our lives on a daily basis, this Color Weakness Mode helps a percentage of the population that has been impacted by colour blindness with a much friendlier and better viewing experience. It’s designed to ensure those have a better colour vision as a seamless part of their everyday routine.

In addition, the BenQ ScreenBar 500 Lux is an excellent companion to this monitor, since it is ideal for reading or working. There are around 8 distinct colour temperatures ranging from 2700K to 6500K, as well as 15 customizable Brightness Levels. Not only that, but in addition to Auto Dimming, this screen bar will detect the brightness around you and provide you with the appropriate light for eye protection. You don’t even have to put it on the table; just place it on the monitor! There’s no need for tape or screws! Finally, the glare screen is no longer necessary because it simply delivers perfect illumination and energy savings. Only a single USB Cord may be used to connect to it!


So that’s why I say don’t have to go out looking for a suitable monitor and screen bar because, for me, this is THE ONE. If you are a busy person like me, I think you can check out the BenQ GW2785TC Eye Care Monitor and BenQ ScreenBar 500 Lux.

You can purchase the GW2785TC monitor at BenQ’s authorised Shopee store for only RM 1,349.00 and the Screenbar for RM 499.00. 

In addition, you can also check out BenQ’s 23.8-inch GW2485TC monitor which retails for RM1,199.00.

The best part? It comes with a 3-year warranty and on-site pickup service! So what are you waiting for? Start shopping now!

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