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Let’s go party at Grand Hyatt’s new Barbie-themed staycation suite, shall we?

by Grace Sundram

Living in a Barbie house is what most girls have dreamed of since their childhood. Who would have thought, Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur can bring that dream to reality by checking into a room with a typical Barbie atmosphere?

This was announced by Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur Malaysia through their official Facebook account. Enthusiastically, they will invite guests to experience an unforgettable staycation in a typical pink room with Barbie.


“The wait is finally over! We are very pleased to present Barbie ™ Ultimate Staycation by Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur. Our first themed staycation experience for you to have fun on the pink side of life,” wrote Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur in a Facebook post.

Stay in one of 14 themed rooms covering the entire 33rd floor of the five-star luxury hotel. Access to this dedicated floor is for registered guests only. Guests can choose between the 47-square-meter Barbie Room and the 105-square-meter Barbie Suite, both of which are decorated with specific themes, namely Barbie You Can Be Anything, Barbie Fantasy and Barbie Extra.


You can enjoy the experience of staying, dining, or just enjoying the afternoon tea that will be coming soon. The afternoon tea dining experience, however, costs RM228 per adult, and it’s a 2 and a half-hour session.

“An icon in the world of Barbie’s magic, Barbie Café completes the staycation trip with an unforgettable dining experience in its photogenic restaurant. A thematic experience full of Barbie written on it. What more could a girl ask for?”


Prices start at RM2,320 for two adults in a Barbie Room for one night and RM4,408 for two adults in a Barbie Suite for one night. Available starting December 18, 2021, if you are interested and want to make a reservation, click this link.

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